More Revisionism

Oliver Willis (Occupation: Toole) proves that he needs to revise his byline.

Partial quote of Howard Dean’s statement in regards to the 60th Anniversary of WWII:

â€?Democratic Presidents Roosevelt and Truman led America to victory in World War II because they laid out a clear plan for success to the American people, America’s allies and America’s troops.â€?

Umm, Howard, no they didn’t. They’re plan was as follows:

‘Total and unconditional surrender from each of the Axis powers. America will fight until we succeed or we are beaten’.

Truman took weeks to be brought up to speed with what was happening in the War Department after Roosevelt’s death and was startled to find out about the Manhatten Project and their products.

Bush’s strategy is pretty much the same: Elimination of terrorists and their supporting states and organizations.

Cheney is aware of the decisions made by the President and the Pentagon in the WoT.

Sounds to me like Bush and Cheney are doing a better job than Roosevelt and Truman.

I wonder if Ollie and Deano would be supportive of the vast amount of media control, news censorship and propaganda that Roosevelt and Truman employed?

After linking to Dean’s entire statement, Oliver says that he thinks Dean stops by his site for talking points.

Wouldn’t surprise me a bit when you look at what Willis said when the Able Danger story first broke:

“My response to this is usually along the following lines: George Bush was the President, and thus, in charge on 9/11″

Heya O-Dub, that response is equal to saying ‘Yes, I was in the room earlier today, but Jimmy was in the room when you found the broken lamp, Mom. Therefore he must have broken it.’

And just as childish as well.

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