Loons of a Feather

It seems that the neo-Nazi community is in full agreement with Casey Sheehan’s mother and her fellow travelers and will be joining her in Crawford this weekend.

Color me unsurprised. Anyone with a pair of brain cells bouncing around knows that the racists and anti-Semites hate Bush and Crew, as well as the war in Iraq as much, if not more, than the anti-war crowd.

But you will not ever hear that from either the Bush hating crowd or the MSM. If you listen to them, the neo-Nazis are the same as the neo-cons and the two groups are in full agreement. Just read the comments section of any post about the Minuteman Project at this site.

In fact, I can guarantee that if any decent number of neo-Nazis show up in Crawford, you’ll be hearing screams of how Bush “called down his minions to try and discredit the Sheehan position”.

Not that she needs skinheads to discredit her position.

I just hope the press gets some good pictures of the faces on the Sheehan quisling’s faces when they hear the racist Nazi fuck nozzles start saying the exact same anti-Semitic crap that Media Whore Mama Sheehan has been wailing.

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  1. Rivrdog says:

    If Sheehan were a real leader (position on left-right scale not important), when the Nazis showed up, she would either physically or verbally throw them out of her camp.

    My prediction: she won’t. further prediction: this will totally alienate all but the most virulent of lefty moonbats, and might even get her marginalized in the press.

    Cinder Sheehan: burned out, burned up and fit only as fuel for a smelter.

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