I of the Purple Shoulder Pt. 2

Holy crap! I forgot that Jerry the Geek gave me a CD-R of pics and video he shot at the Saturday Blogger Blastorama.

So here we go,

Now, I’m only going to leave this up for a day or two due to bandwidth concerns, but here is the link to some video of Rivrdog shooting Jerry’s Comp gun. It is 4.24Megs so it isn’t too large of a file even for those with dial up.

(all pics are ‘click for bigger’)

First up, we have reader Mr. Day lighting off a 1911. If you supersize the pic you can see the brass exiting due to the Geek’s very quick fingers.


Then there is myself lighting off Jerry’s Kimber that I mentioned yesterday


Then there is a very happy Rivrdog with his Glock


And finally, we have The Poor Schmuck firing Jerry’s STI Comp gun in .38 Super


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1 Response to I of the Purple Shoulder Pt. 2

  1. Rivrdog says:

    Easily the best-documented Blasto ever. Might have been the most fun. I could only think of one way to make it more fun, and that would be if I had the boat up in the Sound, and could have taken the Blasto crew out for a cruise, some crabbing, and a surf & turf at anchor at sunset.

    BTW, I wound up with your set of pin punches out of Stanley. Send me an addy and I’ll mailem back, or maybe arrange to meet you on the 10th when I cruise thru SEA on the way to Birch Bay for a week to pursue the wily crustaceans of Rosario Strait.

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