Well, Professor Booty has dropped off the edge fo the earth again with not even a by your leave.

On Thursday I got an email from him talking about “The ASSignment” , whatever that might mean. I just hope he’s not letting that secret agent crap from a couple weeks ago go to his head. The guy knows his glutes, but doesn’t know much about espionage or keeping his cards close to his chest.

“Chests aren’t my business� is what he’d say about that quote.

Anyway, I’ll put the pic he sent in his “ASSignment� email below the fold for y’all and we’ll see about him tomorrow.

In good news, The 26th Carnival of Cordite is up and running for your reading and viewing pleasure. Also, Rivrdog has a posted at his Paratus site a short treatise on home-made flamethrowers.

And in great news, the Analog Wife returns today. So, without further comment on that subject, I’ll leave you to figure out what I’ll be doing the rest of the day after we get her home from the airport.

Have a good day and we’ll see y’all tomorrow


The ASSignment?

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1 Response to Grrrr

  1. Rivrdog says:

    If there were any Analog chilluns, which I guess there aren’t, you would be advised to do the Nine Quarters game.

    It goes like this:

    You take nine quarters, ball them up in your fist, gather the chilluns around you and take them to the back yard, where you have left the grass to grow about a foot high during the absence of the Wife-Unit.

    You tell the chilluns that each may search for coins, but the search must continue BY ALL OF THEM until all TEN quarters have been found.

    You turn them away from the target area and fling the nine quarters out there. The chilluns dive into the grass and get to searching.

    You go inside and get to lovin’.

    You should have plenty of time before the kids come in and whine that they can’t find the last quarter.

    Best $2.25 you ever spent on sex.

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