Ahh, Sunday

The weekend is half over and I’m not happy about that, but I can live with it.

I finally got a message from Professor Booty. No text just a strange photo. I’ll post it below, but I’m hoping that ‘The ASSignment’ he spoke in he email earlier this week wasn’t something having to do with Kool-Aide and LSD.

In funnier subjects, Laurence at TBIFOC has pics of the Palestinian Space Program that doesn’t involve them blowing themselves to the moon (as much as I’d like that). Think “Full of Hot Air”.

Not Laurnece, the other guys. Although he is sometimes full of hot bread.

Also, Rodger has a shirt with explanations of the religions of the world that falls into the “Its Funny Cause Its True” column.

Make sure you read the title of the post for Rodger’s addition to the list.

Gotta go. Baseball game with the Analog family happening today and then I get a new coffee table in the family room that I think You’ll all enjoy.

Later gator.


I do hope the Professor is alright

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