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Loons of a Feather

It seems that the neo-Nazi community is in full agreement with Casey Sheehan’s mother and her fellow travelers and will be joining her in Crawford this weekend. Color me unsurprised. Anyone with a pair of brain cells bouncing around knows … Continue reading

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Shotgun Gear Update

It seems I was remiss in my linkage in my shotgun gear post the other day. I spoke about a MOLLE shell carrying system and even showed pictures of it, but I did not link to the source. Mistake corrected. … Continue reading

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Truth May Be Stranger Than Fiction

But some people’s fiction is way dumber than truth. Take, for instance, Klueless Kos Klanmember, G2geek’s moonbattery about ‘The Stroke Conspiracy’ This may sound terribly tinfoil-hat of me, but I think there’s something uncomfortably improbable about this: a) A major … Continue reading

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