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I did the deed and paid the fee

This is a RNS Public Service Announcement It is now official, SoftGreenGlow.Com is my own piece of internet real estate, paid up until Christmas. I am no longer freeloading off Nukevet Neal. Wow. Very kewl. Except that I have no … Continue reading

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They Stole My Idea

Over at the Captain’s Quarters yesterday, Captain Ed blogged about a number of former Taliban leaders have taken advantage of the amnesty program that was offered to them and are stating that they will cooperate with the Karzai government and … Continue reading

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Talking Trash

After the City of Portland declared that any trash, recycling and/or yardwaste set out for pickup is public property, local reporters decided to show the Mayor, the Chief of Police and the City District Attorney just how annoying it could … Continue reading

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