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Just an FYI: I’m sorry Darth Vader. I’m an idiot. For everyone else, more on this tomorrow.

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And the beat goes on

My blogfather and founder of RNS, Nukevet Neal, has found that he couldn’t stay away from blogging any longer than he could stay away from helping sick animals and has set himself up some new digs under the name ‘Life … Continue reading

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The Soundboard: Sucker for a Hook Series

Part 9: Rock Chicks Last Thursday I gave a choice for this week’s selection; Rock Chicks vs Skinny Ties Four votes for the Chicks and three for the Ties, so here we go. Just a quick note: One of my … Continue reading

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Sometimes ‘Nay’ Means ‘Nay’

So now that the world is pretty much done laughing at Washington State after the story about the guy who was ‘getting the shaft’ from his horse and died from it, a local state Senator, Pam Roach is trying to … Continue reading

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