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All I Can Think About

When I see pictures like this, Is that at least the Nazis had the balls to show their faces. Found @ LGF

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He’s Got Questions, We’ve Got Answers

By now you have probably seen the list of questions that were asked by Canadian, Matthew Good. Karol at Alarming News has answered them, Emperor Misha has answered them and now I will answer them in my own special way. … Continue reading

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I Almost Can’t Believe it

But doing the unbelievable is normal for these types From the site: “Tie a Green Ribbon: Unite Around Our Arctic Refuge” Head on over and get a whiff of the desperation.

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The Phrase

“5 Jump Chump” cannot be used to describe our good man Dogtulosba any longer. Not that we’d have called him that in the first place, but you get my drift. Head on over to Chad’s place to read the stats … Continue reading

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The Weight

Pat Kern passes time in an Oakville duplex by scanning the newspaper, flipping channels on her television and spoiling rotten a dog named Cuddles. Durand used to do more. But in August, Metro cut off Kern’s access to Call-A-Ride Plus, … Continue reading

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