So, Here’s the deal

I let someone make me feel bad about forcing comment registration. So I tried to implement newer, tougher ways to block spam without forcing registration. I broke the code. I spent hours trying to fix the code. I said “fuck it, I don’t care if anyone ever comments here again”, and gave up. I’m not sure when I’ll have time to revisit it. I have a request for tech support to help me get rid of the dynamic publishing garbage that seems to be at the root of the problem, but who knows how long that will take. However, I feel really confident that no one will be forced to register to comment here, and no comment spam will accumulate, either. In fact, no comments of any kind will accumulate until I figure out what the deal is.

We now return you to our regular programming.

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5 Responses to So, Here’s the deal

  1. TempeCarl says:

    Are you using the Berkley or SQL database for your blog? I’ve heard that the Berkley database gets corrupted pretty easily, but SQL works very well. You probably know already, but you can convert all your existing entries over to an SQL database using “mt-db2sql.cgi”.

    Also, IP banning seems very effective in controlling spammers.


  2. Nukevet says:

    hmmmmm, working now?

  3. Sid Pistol says:

    This site has potential, it’s still a little confusing. Linear posts are the best. Why direct energy away from the heart and soul of your site?
    Nukevet, be aware of the fact that the “spammers” giving you such a headache are pro Islamic sympathizers who are seeking to disrupt and destroy your pro-American/pro-West discourse.
    You have caught their attention. They are not really selling viagra or sex toys. It has happened several times now at several different “anti-Islamic” sites. THEY ARE TRYING TO BURY YOU IN SPAM.

    Instead of preaching to the choir, let us form a coalition and aggressively move into pro-peace and pro-Islamic websites and give them battle.

    Do you really mean it when you talk tuff?

  4. I admire your grit, Sid, and I have also long suspected that DNS and spam attacks are used as political tools, but do we really want to do this?

    Using the despised tools of our enemies in cyber-battle might pay us dividends, but in cyber-space, there is no such thing as an untrackable data event. Getting caught using these attack modes against the worst of our traditional enemies would simply add grist to their mill, which is government regulation of everything.

    We don’t need or want a regulated Internet, so let’s not invite one upon ourselves.

    I should think an adequate tactic would be to do personal public surveillance on these people, and publish their photographs, without comment, on our websites.

    If those are the same websites that discuss various aspects of firearms preparedness, and someone makes a paranoid linkage in their feeble mind, well, we can’t stop THAT process, can we?

  5. Sid Pistol says:

    You are probably right George. Good Point.

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