Do as they say

Not as they do.

JimK at Right Thoughts listened to Al Franken on Air America during the Nick Coleman/Powerline segment.

Here’s some of his take,

Al Franken is a complete ass

I just listed to Hindrocket from Powerline�s appearance on Air America. First of all, they had that Coleman jagoff on for ten minutes detailing his beefs with Powerline and lying his ass off as to how this feud came to be. Then Al says he wants to give Hindrocket equal time to address the issue.

Lo and behold, when John gets on, Al doesn�t let him talk about Coleman at all, proceeds to read from a post on Powerline from 2003 that John didn�t even write, and then thanks Hindrocket for his time and *poof* it�s over.

Head on over and hook up to the MP3 of the ‘interview’.

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