Count ANY Vote: Part Pyatnadtsat

Part 15 and counting. Informative and educational.


To add to the Doc’s post about how the Democrat led King County Board of Elections is refusing to count the votes of our service men and women who, through no fault of their own, and with a large part of the blame that falls on the shoulders of the KCBoE, did not get their ballots here on time.

The local lefites, both on the radio and in the papers, are actually blaming Rumsfeld for this.

How, you ask?

Like this. ‘Because Rumsfeld did not care enough to get the military postal servce sped up so that these ballots could get here on time, he is to blame for the disenfranchisemen of these soldiers.’

Just thought you might like to know.

And now we move on to new business.

Stefan at Sound Politics has been going through election results and has found another King County precinct where some funny business has been going on.

In Precinct 3001, throughout all three counts (first count, machine recount, hand recount) Gregoire kept every single one of her votes.

Rossi, on the other hand, gained one in the machine recount, but then lost two in the hand recount.

The Libertarian candidate also lost one in the hand recount.

And very odd, one undervote was also lost in the last count.

That is the loss of 4 votes in that precinct, none of which is currently accounted for. No one in charge of that precinct or on the county board can say where those four votes went.

Sure, it may be possible that they were all provisional ballots that were finally given to their proper precincts during the hand recount, but there are no records to show the transfer fo any provisional ballots and no one in charge is saying anything.

King County has 2616 precincts. If something like this happened in just 100 of them, we can see how Rossi’s lead could have gone away and Gregoire come out the winner.

But wait, there’s more!

Precinct 3301 is actually MISSING 2 ballots!

Quote from Sound Politics “The King County voter file tells us that 354 citizens voted in Precinct 3301 — 252 Absentee, 85 Polling Place and 17 Provisional. 354 voters cast valid ballots, of which only 352 can be located.”

And they’re not the only ones!

684 King County precincts are missing ballots for at least one voter for a grand total of 1512 missing ballots!.

Fraud or incompetence?

You make the call!


And to clarify and update my stance on Rossi conceeding:

Now that Gregoire has been declared Governor-Elect, and is scheduled to be sworn in on January 12th, the Rossi Crew has only until January 22nd to find a judge who is willing to toss out a sitting Governor.

And after they find a judge with big brass ones they have to be able to prove 130 cases of real fraud. The incompetence pointed out in the above paragraphs will not suffice in court, now that Gregoire has been certified.

I personally do not think that they can do it as any person with a legal degree can tell you that a conspiracy to do something is a hell of a lot more difficult to prove than the actual act. You must first find the crime, then the people who committed the crime AND THEN the evidence that they conspired.

However, in the court of public opinion, the evidence does not need to be that strong.

I want a candidate with a clean face who is not looked at as a whiner. Rossi’s call for a ‘Do-Over’ is doing exactly taht. He is losing (R) votes and not gaining any (D) votes.

Both of which are required to win a recall election.

Once again, the Dems play off their incompetence and win. Hopefully this time, it is only temporary.

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