Bush: Failure

That got your attention, didn’t it?

If, like me, you read more than a few left wing blogs, you will read about their delusion that ‘GWB is trying to bankrupt America!’

They say he is attempting to send the country so far into debt so that he can cancel social programs.

While I am for the cutting off of the government teat, I don’t like the idea of the country being as far in debt as we are.

Which is why I was glad when I saw this news,

U.S. December budget posted surplus

The U.S. government ran a $1 billion budget surplus in December, helped by a rise in corporate tax payments, the Congressional Budget Office said in its latest budget report released on Friday.

The surplus, which compared with an $18 billion deficit in the previous December, helped create a smaller fiscal deficit for the first three months of the 2005 fiscal year, than in the same quarter of the prior year.

When the left finds this news in a couple months, after January and February and March, etc, all post surpluses, I fully expect them to come out with the following stories,

“George W Bush is even a failure at bankrupting America!”

Story found @ Right Thinking

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