Did and done. Certified GTAW (TIG) welder in da hizouse.


One 1/16″ flaw in the cover pass. Most likely glass I missed with the wire brush.


No flaws in the root pass.


I was tempted to used the stamp the word “bitch” into the front of the plate before I began welding, because I knew I was going to hit it like it owed me money.

And THIS is a winning heat line on the backing strip.


That is called “suck back”, when you suck the backing into the weld.

Thanks again to all for the patience with my current preoccupation. It has been a long hard slog that still has six weeks left in it. But I couldn’t ask for a nicer group of folks who put up with watching me.

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Testing done

Grading today.

Well, after five hours of attempting to use an atmosphere of Argon to hold a puddle of molten steel in a vertical groove for the purpose of combining two pieces of steel, I completed my latest certification test plate.

I didn’t take pictures, even though I should have, but I was just too focused on getting this one right and didn’t want the distraction. The root pass was the most gorgeous one I’ve produced and it got plenty of compliments from both the instructors and my fellow students.

We’ll see today if it can stand upwards of 70,000psi. Results and pics tomorrow.

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Socialism Reduces Your Carbon Footprint

That is a lie. It does reduce the “human species” carbon footprint, but that is only because of the death by disease and mass murders that take place in a socialist state.

However, the left will use that lie as an upshot for this

For the first time in its 100-year history of oil production, Venezuela is importing crude — a new embarrassment for the country with the world’s largest oil reserves.

The nation’s late president Hugo Chávez often boasted the South American country regained control of its oil industry after he seized joint ventures controlled by such companies as ExxonMobil and Conoco. But 19 months after Chávez’s death, the country can’t pump enough commercially viable oil out of the ground to meet domestic needs — a result of the former leader’s policies.

The dilemma — which comes as prices at U.S. pumps fall below $3 per gallon — is the latest facing the government, which has been forced to explain away shortages of basic goods such as toilet paper, food and medicine in the past year.

This is the death by disease part coming along. The mass murders will follow shortly.

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RNS Quote of the Day: 11/03/14

I couldn’t wait until tomorrow to post this.

If pigs could vote, the man with the slop bucket would be elected swineherd every time, no matter how much slaughtering he did on the side.

Orson Scott Card


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Testing Today

I’m going to be doing the angry welding thing again today in the hopes that it helps me pass my TIG vertical plate certification today. It’ll be cooling on the instructors desk by noon Pacific time.

I’ve spend 10 hours practicing since Thursday and should be good to go, but well wishes sent this direction are appreciated.

And I’ll be hanging this sign for good luck


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Sunday Funnies

Only one good one this week. But it is so good that it makes up for the lacking from the other artists.


But, in case that isn’t enough for you, here is a picture of an old racist supporting mandatory voter ID.


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An Interesting Twist in Self-Defense Law

Via Volokh: Seems that in CA (& Idaho?) if you kill a person in self defense and you also happen to want the person dead for other reasons, you can lose the affirmative defense.

The take away, for those in CA & ID, keep your loathings to yourself, lest they be held against you.

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In other welding news….

Inert gas welding might be getting very interesting in the near future.

The EPA jumps the shark, banning – Argon

Its hard to imagine a more inoffensive substance than Argon. As a noble gas, Argon is chemically inert – it participates in no chemical reactions whatsoever, except under exotic conditions – there are no known chemical compounds which can survive at room temperature which include Argon. Argon is not a greenhouse gas.

But Argon is incredibly useful to industry – among other things, is used as a “shield” gas. Anyone who welds Aluminium or Stainless Steel will be familiar with Argon, which is used with MIG and TIG welders, to blow oxygen away from the electric welding arc, to prevent oxidative damage to the weld joint. Any effort to regulate the use of this harmless substance would do incalculable damage to American industrial competitiveness, for no benefit whatsoever.

So why on Earth would the EPA plan to ban something as inoffensive as Argon? IceAgeNow has a theory – they think Argon is part of a list supplied by a scientifically illiterate NGO, which the EPA plans to rubber stamp.

Rolf left this story in the comments yesterday. While I think that IAN is correct in their theory as to how it got included on the list, if this rule is allowed to go through the eco-cosialists will use it as “proof” that all Argon use must be banned and set about ruining US industry even further (since that is their actual goal).

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More Results

Victory is mine!



Apparently, it pays to weld angry. That is what a successful Direct Overhead weld bend test looks like when you’re done.

As the root bend coupon was being pushed through, my instructor was looking at it and said “it looks like we’re going to have to measure this one too.” So I got ready to be disappointed. When it dropped out of the bending machine, he snatched it up and said “nope, no to need to measure it.” without a measure of emotion on his face, and I was feeling like shit. He flipped it over and handed it to me. As I flipped it over to look at it, he said “there is no way that is close to 1/8.”

Because it was 1/32.


Had the same on the face bend coupon, but got a compliment on the blending waves you can still sort of see.


So, practice and get another test plate ready for a Vertical test on Monday. The instructor and I went through the procedures for a successful test today and then I knocked a practice plate out of the park, so I’m feeling confident.

Tuesday will be Vertical bending test day and then Aluminum TIG welding. After that will be Stainless Steel TIG. Then, Dual Shield and MIG certification tests. The quarter is over on December 11th, so not a moment to waste. I’ll likely be going in on Saturdays from here on out to get ready.

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The Results Are In

When we last left my certification test plate, it was sitting on my instructor’s desk, awaiting its destruction.


It was going to be cut into 5 pieces: The two ends with the strongbacks on them were to be cut off 1in in from the end, then an inch and a half from the newly created ends, they were to be cut again, leaving three “coupons”. The center one, with my ID stampings was to be saved for identification purposes, and the other two were to be bent, one in each direction, for testing purposes.

Like this


So, did I pass the test?

The short answer is no.

The long answer is, this is what failed me


That wrinkle you see about 1/3 of the way from the top is a crack that is 5/32 of an inch long. I am allowed a 1/8 inch lock crack.


I’m trying not to feel bad about it, and being unsuccessful. I took my direct overhead test today, and the attitude from this failure is welded into every 32nd of every inch of that plate. We’ll see tomorrow if anguish welds better than happiness. Also, I was informed that I will not be allowed to retest my vertical weldment until next Monday.

Needless to say, the next liberal arts major in my general vicinity that whines about how hard his or her sociology final was is going to find themselves about a foot heavier. Because one of my feet will have been broken off in their ass.

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