A Little While Ago

This happened


Traded it for this folding carrier I made a few months back.


In other news, my boss recently opened up 10 hour shifts. I can also work 8 on Saturdays, but no more than 3 consecutive ones.

In case you’re wondering where I’ve been.

This weekend will be my 4th Saturday, which times nicely with the wife and my 14th wedding anniversary on Sunday. We’ll be going on a couple road trips over the weekend.

So, in lieu of actual content, please enjoy some wubwubwub

(the drops are at 1:07 and 3:07)

It was this or Krewella’s Killin It

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Whole Lot of Something

For the past week and a half or so, I’ve been working on the same project at work.

To put it bluntly, it’s huge.

Not in terms of physical size. More in the number of pieces.

If you take 30-20ft long pieces of 3/8in x 6in flat bar and cut them into 4in pieces, you get 1780 plates of 3/8in x 6in x 4in steel. If you stack them neatly on a sturdy pallet, they look like this.


Next, you torture some poor pair of sods by telling them to deburr these pieces and then each make a jig so they can lay out a punch mark one inch in from the long side and three inches in from the short side. You then tell one of those poor sods to use the stud welder to attach a 3/8in wide x 1-1/2in long “wide head stud” to the plates where that punch mark is at.


This is a partial bin of approximately 500 of these plates.

You ask the other poor sod to build a jig so that he can tack two pieces of 2ft long #4 reinforcing bar (1/2in diameter) to the plates after the studs get attached.


Then you get the guy with the rebar cert to weld those on permanently, and when the stud welding sod is done welding studs, you get him to take an air needler to the welds to remove the slag and spatter from the finished piece and stack them on a pallet to be sent off to a galvanizing facility.


We’re about 1300 into the project. Hopefully we’ll be done by Wednesday or Thursday.

Just in time to start in on the other part of the order. 1410 pieces, of smaller proportions, but with two stud welded pieces of D-bar and only 1 piece of rebar (pics soon).

Apparently, there is a bridge being built in Hawaii, and they need a large quantity of anchors/embeds of two different types.

I bought one of those thick foam floor mats and brought it to work, because after the fifth nine hour day standing in the, relatively, same 3ft x 3ft square either deburring, transfer punching, or tack welding, you will want to remove your feet with an axe so that you will be in less pain.

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Keeping it hot, late into the night

Functioning solar collection station after sundown? Pppffffttt!

Or, maybe not.

A Tower of Molten Salt Will Deliver Solar Power After Sunset

Crescent Dunes, due to come on line by the end of this year, uses over 17,000 mirrors to focus sunlight on a heat receiver atop a 165-meter-high tower—a layout resembling California’s massive Ivanpah solar power tower. However, while Ivanpah’s receiver heats steam and pipes it directly to turbine generators, SolarReserve’s heats a molten mixture of nitrate salts that can be stored in insulated tanks and withdrawn on demand to run the plant’s steam generators and turbine when electricity is most valuable. Smith expects that NV Energy, the Las Vegas–based utility contracted to buy Crescent Dunes’ output, will want it mostly during the utility’s unusually late demand peak, which the Vegas Strip’s nightlife routinely stretches toward midnight.

Mark Mehos, thermal systems group manager at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), says molten salt towers akin to SolarReserve’s are “the next-generation technology” for solar thermal power. Plants without storage may never be able to compete with PV, says Mehos. And while molten salt storage is often added to trough-style plants, which use hectares of parabolic mirrors to heat synthetic oil flowing through pipes suspended above them, salt towers are cheaper and more efficient, he says.

Eliminating the heat exchange between oil and salts trims energy storage losses from about 7 percent to just 2 percent. The tower also heats its molten salt to 566 °C, whereas oil-based plants top out at 400 °C. That temperature boost squeezes 5 to 6 percent more power from the plant’s steam turbines and enables a tank of salt to hold two to three times as much energy. The temperature advantage could grow: In September, ­SolarReserve won a US $2.4 million grant from the U.S. Department of Energy to develop a ceramic receiver that can withstand 732 °C.

OK, engineers. Have at it.

Will this work?

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It’s good to be in the majority

People are recognizing that they are their own best chance of staying safe.

A majority of Americans, 56%, believe that if more Americans carried concealed weapons after passing a criminal background check and training course, the country would be safer.

Most states have some sort of permitting process allowing the carrying of concealed weapons, but the requirements and procedures to carry weapons vary significantly by state. The Gallup question did not get into detail on specific requirements other than mentioning that the person with the concealed weapon would have to pass a criminal background check and training course.

I’m not really happy about the background check and training course requirements, but on the whole, it is a good sign.

The leftists can’t figure it out.

Among key subgroups, Democrats and those with postgraduate education are least likely to believe that more concealed weapons would make the U.S. safer. Republicans and gun owners are most likely to say it would make the nation safer. Younger Americans are more likely to choose the “safer” option than those aged 30 and above.

They read this paragraph and blame the lack of “free” government sponsored cradle-to-grave education for the results.

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Stupid Gets What Stupid Deserves

Last week I posted about a woman who thought her concealed carry permit gave her the power to shoot at shoplifters as they were leaving the scene.

She was wrong.

Woman who opened fire at fleeing shoplifters in Home Depot parking lot is charged and faces losing her concealed-carry license

Leave stopping property crimes not involving your property to store security and Batman.

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Part of a complete breakfast

For those of a certain age, these are pretty funny. Catch them before the lawyers take them down.

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Giving the People What They Want

Even if those people are not actually even able to legally vote for you.

Former MD Governor Martin O’Malley has heard the demands of illegal immigrants, and hopes they help him find a way to put him into the Oval Office.

If you want to know what pro-immigrant voters are looking for in a presidential candidate, read former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley’s 8-page immigration plan. It reads a laundry list of immigrant activist demands, and goes far beyond the comparatively timid pledges of O’Malley’s democratic primary rivals, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt) and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Healthcare for undocumented immigrants, an overhaul of the U.S. Border Patrol, enshrining sanctuary cities, erasure of punitive immigration laws, and an end to Obama’s Priority Enforcement Program.

That advocacy has won O’Malley the praise of leading voices in the Latino community, including Hispanic Chamber of Commerce CEO Javier Palomarez, who sounded off on the immigration to to MSNBC’s Chris Hayes on Thursday.

Just because you take down a list of demands from a group and put them, verbatim, into a policy proposal, does not mean that you are good at making policy. It means you are good at pandering.

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Archaeology for Dummies

I imagine the conversation between the editors at HuffPo to have gone something like…

“Like, OMG, Beckee! Did you know the cavemen cooked with fire!?!”

“No way, Sandra! You need to write about that.”

And they came up with this headline and story

It Seems Stonehenge Was Built By Folks With A Thing For Barbecue

We might not know precisely how Stonehenge was built–or why it was built. But now we know the eating habits of the people who are believed to have completed the mysterious monument more than 4,500 years ago.

And what was it that these folks ate? Barbecue.

So say archaeologists who systematically examined animal bones and several hundred pottery shards unearthed at Durrington Walls, a Neolithic settlement a couple of miles down the road from Stonehenge. That’s where the people who built Stonehenge are believed to have lived.

Traces of pork and beef, along with cheese and other dairy foods, were found on shards unearthed in Durrington Walls’s residential areas, according to a written statement released by the University of York in England.

Shards found in nearby ceremonial areas showed mostly traces of dairy foods, according to the statement. That suggests those foods were eaten only by a select few individuals.

If Stonehenge’s builders ate veggies too, there’s little evidence of it. Mostly, the archaeologists say, folks were boiling and roasting the meat–pork, in particular–and then staging elaborate feasts. The cooking seems to have been done inside people’s homes as well as outdoors.

You mean that Neolithic peoples didn’t have propane gas grills and access to convection stovetops?

It’s called using the technology you have. Cooking with fire because there is no other way to heat your food does not equate to loving BBQ.

I’d weep for them, but someday they’ll miss a safety warning label and we won’t have to worry about them taking our oxygen any more.

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If you thought

The lines at your local McDonalds were long now, wait until the stoners get in line and can’t decide what or how much they want.

Boulder, Colorado – 15 Colorado McDonald’s franchises have announced that they are converting the McDonald’s Play Place areas into marijuana friendly smoking areas.

Each facility will consist of 15 smoking pods in which customers can smoke a joint, bong, or pipe without being harassed or bothered by people who are offended by it.

While I’m sure that sales will hit new levels, I’m just wondering, if the “All Day Breakfast” thing is so unpopular with franchise owners, what with the requirements it places on the store (not to mention, the staff), will this be any more popular?

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Well, that’s it then

The leftist have finally admitted that they hate the concept of Democracy.

Treasonous House Republicans Find Despicable New Ways To Define Chaos

A grave question must now be asked in the wake of a Republican meltdown in the House of Representatives that in the short term threatens the fiscal stability of the U.S. and world markets, as well as the ability of government to function, and in the longer term calls into question whether the Republican Party is still capable of governing, let alone whether its prospects for the 2016 presidential election have been further damaged: Have the Gang of 40 lurched from their patented brand of despicable politics into treason?

Why, yes they have.

The Gang of 40 is, of course, the cannibalistic Tea Party-inoculated congressfolk who, although they represent barely 3 percent of the population, have brought the Republican Party’s House caucus to its knees because of a fanaticism not seen in national politics since the run up to the Civil War. In this context, the question of whether these men (and lone woman) are traitors is not knee-jerk liberal nattering or a pushback in support of a threadbare status quo. The definition of a traitor is someone who betrays their country, and there can be no doubt that the fevered labors of the Gang of 40, who are the spawn of years of conspiring to destroy the established order, have been traitorous.

Unfortunately for Shaun Mullen and those who agree with him, what is happening in the House is a messy style of governance known as Democracy. It has been said by some that it is the worst style of governance, until you compare it to all the other styles.

Kevin D. Williamson lays out the argument here.

The spin about situation surrounding the Speaker position is being hyped as incurable chaos by a media that is wholly in league with the party not currently looking for a Speaker, and so the media has an objective: To make the Republican Party House members look as foolish as possible, while dropping shots of the Democrat Party members just chillin.

They’re succeeding. For now.

If the 40 members of the cuacus mentioned above get someone they like. Things could, and should, get very business-like, and interesting.

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