The internet, it is wonderful

From this


To this

ScreenHunter_04 Aug. 18 11.44

And now this


In 72 hours.

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The End of the Shakedown

Stopping their bad behavior before they get their pee-pee whacked.

A powerful Washington State union has abandoned defending a forced dues scheme and shifted its tactics to appealing to home health workers to remain in the union.

A state policy has allowed SEIU Local 775 to automatically deduct dues payments from home health workers for years. However, that practice stands on shaky legal ground after the Supreme Court declared a similar policy in Illinois unconstitutional.

Local 775 is taking a proactive approach to retaining its unwilling dues payers voluntarily: The union sent a letter to home health providers, many of whom are caring for disabled loved ones, petitioning them to continue to pay union dues.


Adam Glickman, secretary treasurer of SEIU Local 775, sent a letter to a home healthcare worker who objected to paying dues, saying that the union would no longer automatically deduct payments from the person’s checks. He also acknowledged that the union would consider refunding past dues.

“In light of the uncertainty created by the United States Supreme Court’s June 30, 2014, decisions in Harris v. Quinn, the union has asked the State to cease deduction of your fair-share fees. No such fees will be deducted from your future paychecks,” Glickman said.

As with the rest of their underhanded tactics, they’re limiting their offer

However, the latest letter said the union will only provide a 15-day window for providers to halt their dues payments.

“This authorization is irrevocable for a period of one year from the date of execution and from year to year thereafter unless not less than thirty (30) and more than forty-five (45) days prior to the annual anniversary date of this authorization,” the union missive stated.

I am pretty sure that the letters didn’t say “Act Now to Save Big!”, but it should have.

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Hindsight may be 20/20

But sometimes you need a bigger picture.

One of my few peeves about the Jeep Cherokee is that the door mounted rear view mirrors are rather dinky.


I can cover that mirror with my mobile phone.

Also, because I am a XXL sized monkey-man, I have to sit all the way back on the seat rails and slightly leaned rearwards in order to get enough leg and head room. This causes the pillar between the roll-down window and the fake wing-window to cover an inch of the far end of the mirror. Together, these serve to give me a blind spot you can fit a mid-sized sedan into easily. Luckily, I always do my head checks anyway.

The other day I was driving home and spotted a mid-to-late-80′s Cherokee with completely different style mirrors. Models in these years had an available tow package that included a beefed up rear axle with a better gear ratio and a factory hitch receiver. After doing some research when I got home, I learned they also came with factory “extended” mirrors.

They’re nothing special. In fact, they’re the same ones Ford put on their Ranger trucks and Chevy put on their S-10′s of the same era. You can buy them at the hardware store.

So I did.


I even found them in black.

A drill, pilot drill bit, 9/64 drill bit, Phillips screwdriver, flat tip screwdriver, door panel plug puller, tube of RTV Black, paint pen, #27 Torx socket & socket wrench.

The hardest part of the install was removing and replacing the door panels to be able to remove the old mirrors. I loathe interior work, but I have all the tools. When I get back to class, I’m going to fab up a couple of triangles I can use to cover up the spot where the old mirrors used to be.

Oddly enough, I discovered that the passenger side mirror had a motor in it. The wire loom went from the door into the cabin and under the dash, but wasn’t wired up to anything. From the factory. My Cherokee is an ultra base model. My driver side mirror didn’t even get one of those sticks with the little knob on the end to adjust the mirror from the inside. It was thumb-adjustable only.

I took the Jeep out to drop off a couple more resumes and it is remarkable how much easier it is to get around when you can see the people moving behind you. My truck has mirrors the size of Vermont, and I like that I can now see as much in my Jeep.

They’re made by a company called CIPA, which I think stands for “Hencho en Mexico”, but I’m really enjoying the upgrade.

Now to get some ARFCOM bolt head stickers to put on the front of them. Only posers use biohazard stickers these days.

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Both Hand and Dandy

A guide to your state’s inflation.

How much will $100 buy in your state?


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So, I got the job.

And then I didn’t.

And then I did, kind of.

The basics are that I was told by the Personnel Manager that if I could pass their welding test, I should consider myself hired. I went out to the Jeep to grab my hood, boots, gloves and coat, and when I came back was walked in to another office and introduced to the Production Manager who told me that they couldn’t hire me.

Because I have not yet gotten my certification, they couldn’t hire me to be a structural welder. Also, my screwed up school schedule from the latter third of September until the second week of December made it difficult to place me with a crew, even as a fitter. I went to thank him and shake his hand and he asked me to sit down so we could talk. For about 10 minutes I went through a second interview covering a lot of inside baseball welding process questions and questions about my school transcript and 3.8GPA. He was impressed with what I had learned in a year’s time.

After that was over, he told me he wants me to call him around the middle of each month between now and the end of the upcoming quarter to keep up with my progress. Also, to plan on coming in to see them again right after Thanksgiving. He also asked me to not accept any job offers without getting the particulars about their offer first.

So that’s good, right?

The company works almost exclusively with another company that does crane work and piledriving. They fabricate the forms and other equipment for each job. Lots of cages and frames. Lots of MIG and Dual Shield. Lots of work. They can almost keep up, but the other company needs them to get ahead and they need machinists and welder/fabricators who know their shit, in a bad way.

On the way home I stopped by the welding supply store I frequent and dropped off my resume there. I also stopped by the state “Employment Security” office to try and find the procedure to get a 12-15 week extension of benefits.

Tomorrow and Wednesday I plan on dropping a few more resumes off to see if anyone else can work with my schedule for the next 15 weeks.

Thanks for all the help and comments, guys.

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Lighter Fare

I had multiple entire posts worth of links, but have decided that there is little-to-nothing I can say that hasn’t been said about Ferguson, MO, or the phony-baloney indictment against Governor Rick Perry.

The “gentle giant” Michael Brown is turning out to be a violent thug who absolutely didn’t have his hands up when he was shot. Also, I am beginning to suspect that last night’s breakout of gunfire is someone’s frustration that the victimhood lobby’s case is falling apart.

Also, I expect that in short-order, some leftist prosecutor will charge Rand Paul with a hate-crime for once rolling his eyes in the presence of a black person so that the Democratic Party can just claim that all the 2016 Republican candidates are under indictment for something and discount having to talk about/to them.

In the non-news department, I went through my hard drive and found a resume that I whipped up back in 2008 when I was contemplating quitting my job because of a severe disagreement with my boss at the time. I took what I could from that and wrote up a whole new one to take with me to my job interview today.

Trying to fit your employed life onto one sheet of paper is difficult. The last time I seriously wrote up a resume (1999), employers wanted to know everything about you except your blood type. Nowadays, they seem to want to know very little about you until you get to your second or third interview. Also, from what I can glean from the intarwebz, the M-O these days is to feed your resume into their computer and whomever was clever enough to get the most buzzwords onto the page gets the first once-over to see if they can show up on time.

I’ll be leaving my house 90 minutes before the scheduled interview time to make a 30 minute drive to a place in an industrial park I have driven past numerous times. I’ll be taking my boots, welding hood and heavy cotton shirt with me in case they want to put me through a welding test. I may even smile a few times, so I’ve been practicing.

In other non-news, a serious question: What the hell is it with your early 40′s and listening to the music of your teens? I can’t seem to get out of my 80′s/90′s Rush mix folder for the life of me.

A large number of Rush fans like to pretend that the band put no albums out between 1986 and 2001, but I’ve never been that way, and for the past ten to fourteen days, that is the only folder I can deal with. Before that, it was 80′s BritPop.

And now, in the hope that I can “spread the wealth around”…enjoy

If you don’t know what the Spandau Ballet is, you should go below the fold and learn your new thing for the day.


I chose the moniker “The Analog Kid” for my early days of blogging because the song was a decent fit. “Tom Sawyer” was/is probably a better fit, but with the name also being a major literary character, some folks likely wouldn’t have gotten the Rush fan reference, so I chose the other one.

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Sunday Funnies

Only three this week. Truth in each of them.




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Can KHI….?

Yes, Kadath Heavy Industries CAN up-armor your 963D or 973D Track Loader or any D-Series dozer

1 4JoNg7IH4hNst0miB2Rmrg

We can also create command vehicles from your F250/350, Ram D-Series 2500/3500 or Chevy Silverado HD / GMC Sierra HD trucks.

1 0hIkURJTGU5j2FM3eqd_MQ

Right or left hand drive.

Standard mild steel up to AR 550 steel of any thickness you request.

Don’t wait until ISIL is on your block. Up-Armor now and SAVE BIG!

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A whole tanker of stupid

Must have been sprayed all over the St. Louis region.

I have been avoiding posting about the riots and crap in Ferguson, MO on purpose because, well I’m 2000 miles away and doubt I have much to add other ask if both sides have to do the exact thing that will exacerbate the situation to the fullest?

At least the left is finally agreeing that the militarization of the suburban police is “a bad thing.” Though I’m a little weirded out that they they think they’re the first to come to this conclusion. They sure didn’t mind SWAT prepped officers at the Bundy Ranch.

I am having extreme difficulty figuring out the MSM’s fascination with the name of the officer who shot the kid. The name is all they want. they don’t care about his side of the story because they’re so smart and have already figured out in their collective mind what happened.

Is it so they can run as many negative stories as possible about the time he farted in line at Popeye’s Chicken in 2005 and used the word “niggardly” to describe the guy who bought a used Camaro from him in 1997?

Or is it because they want to be able to report about how his family is on the run from the New Black Panthers who flew into town promoting violence and demanding a guilty verdict and a death sentence on the trigger pulling cracker the way they did to George Zimmerman’s family.

They sure want to publish a name, any name. Even if it is one Anons put out there. But they don’t seem to care about correcting the record when it is discovered that they got the wrong name.

About the only thing I saw that was intelligent so far this week was the Mayor of Ferguson. He was on one of the MSNBC morning shows yesterday and had to drag the teleprompter reader of the hour kicking and screaming into the Factland because that broad probably couldn’t have spelled her name correctly once the make-up department got done with her that morning. Honestly, he had to correct every question she asked before he could get around to actually answering the question.

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He has to know

Last week, Thomas Sowell published a column over at Townhall asking “Is Thinking Obsolete?”

Doesn’t he know that that is why we live in a Representative Republic and not a Democracy? Most people are prone to avoid thinking as it requires them to do something other than focus on what makes them happy. This is the case, no matter what era or span of time you want to talk about.

There is no way you’re going to convince me that he has never read Huxley.

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