I for one welcome our new Transgender Ally

imageI have no doubt Caitlyn will prove to be vocal about the right to keep and bear arms in the upcoming reality show.

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It’s their fault

That she was able to pretend to be black.

The general consensus of people on the left that it was easy for Rachel Dolezal to pose for years as a black woman was because Spokane is so whitebread

Rachel Dolezal is the President of the Spokane NAACP chapter and has been passing herself off as an African-American, that is for certain. It isn’t that odd that it’s escaped scrutiny until now, because a woman with her hairstyle could easily pass as black in that very white part of Washington State.

It’s ignorant white people’s fault, you see, not her own mental instability, that has led her to believe she is a victim of racism.

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Amazing how

The leftosphere and the racists at the SPLC can be outraged at an officer attempting to stop a riot on Monday and then support an officer destroying private property on Thursday.

A self-described “sovereign citizen” recently posted a video of his May arrest in Addison, Texas, by a local police officer, ostensibly to display police misbehavior as the policeman breaks out his car’s window and handcuffs him.

What the video actually seems to demonstrate instead, however, is how delusional the sovereign citizen worldview really is, and how police are ultimately driven to harsh measures in order to simply enforce traffic laws in ordinary encounters with these “true believers.”

I’m sure that when some brainwashed member of the #BlackLivesMatter crowd disobeys a lawful command and gets cuffed less than gently this weekend, we’ll have 24 hour coverage of it for 72 hours.

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I have a 1% error rate

Tuesday afternoon at around 1300 I was told that there were 15 columns (with 16-20 welds on each column) that needed to be complete by 1400 on Wednesday so that the contractor’s welding inspector could do his inspection before they were sent off to be galvanized (and then shipped and installed).

Slightly apprehensive about being solely responsible for this much work, I got down to business.

Just before 1000 yesterday, the welding inspector arrived to find me with three more columns left to go. He acknowledged he was early and got to inspecting the ones I had completed while I worked to finish the last ones.

I still had two more to go when he walked back to where I was working to tell me that of the 13 columns had looked at, he found two errors, that he had marked them for repair and that he would look over the final two when they were done. At the end he stated that after what he had seen, was sure that he could sign off on the job.

I finished the last two and then went out to grab the two that needed repairs: A single porosity pore in the weld on a base plate (most likely a shielding gas flow interruption) and 1/2 inch of undercut on a knife plate (most likely me trying work quickly) and brought them in to grind out and re-weld.

Job done, I showed my boss. He went and found the inspector who looked at the weld repairs and the last two completed columns. He asked for my certification card so that he could write the number down in his book and on the paperwork, and signed the paperwork and took off.

All before noon.

To say my boss was pleased would be an ever so slight understatement.

On a side note; when the inspector looked at my card to get my name and ID number, he then turned it over and looked at the list of certifications I had. He then looked at me, said “Nice!” and handed me back my card.

It feels good to have an actual pro come along and be able to wow them a little bit.

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It couldn’t have happened

To a more deserving bunch of folks

Sea Shepard to pay damages to Japanese Whalers

Anti-whaling group Sea Shepherd has agreed to pay damages to Japanese whalers for violating a US court injunction and continuing to disturb their research whaling in the Antarctic Ocean.

The Supreme Court on Monday dismissed the US-headquartered group’s appeal. The justices upheld a lower court decision that found Sea Shepherd violated a 2012 court injunction, and ordered the conservation organization to pay damages.Sea Shepherd agreed to pay 2.55 million dollars to the plaintiffs including the Japanese Institute of Cetacean Research.

They’re essentially pirates. They should feel lucky pirates aren’t hung from the most convenient gib these days.

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Wouldn’t have been my first guess

For Montana to conduct a criminal prosecution for hate speech

The prosecutor’s office in Flathead County, Montana (where Kalispell is located) is arguing that speech that exposes Jews — or other religious, racial, and other groups — “to hatred, contempt, ridicule, degradation, or disgrace” is criminally punishable, unless it consists of true factual statements. As the Montana criminal defamation statute is worded, this means that hatred-inducing opinions are criminally punishable, too. Yes, this is that extraordinarily rare thing: an American prosecution for “hate speech” (State v. Lenio). The First Amendment doesn’t allow that.


You might think that, if Lenio is being prosecuted for these messages, he would be prosecuted under a statute that bans threats — and you would be right, since that is Count I of the criminal charge against Lenio. Whether such general statements that don’t focus on a particular person or a small group of people (or a particular location), but instead talk about killing schoolchildren generally or Jews generally, are punishable “true threats” is an interesting question. (It’s also one that has come up recently when people have posted about wanting to kill police officers, or in past decades when people have posted about wanting to have a revolution and kill capitalists.)

The noteworthy — and much more dangerous — thing about this case is that Lenio was also charged, in Count II, for criminal defamation of Jews.

The guy is on the shallow end of the gene pool, to be sure. But even mental midgets get covered by the 1st Amendment.

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Making PIIGS


For those in the know, the acronym in the title stands for: Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece, and Spain. These nations are in terrible monetary shape and are dragging Europe down with them thanks to the wonderful idea that was the European Union.

So, who is the next “S”?

The Democratic Socialist/Progressive utopia of Sweden.

If Sweden was a person, it’d be like the guy with three mortgages, seven maxed-out credit cards and four collection agencies chasing him that just signed a lease for a brand new BMW X6. Simply put, there’s a lot of red ink in the future; it just hasn’t been fully realized yet.

The Honorable Lady Thatcher proves to be correct again.

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D-Day and Opera

’twas the day after D-Day, and we celebrated our freedoms by attending an opera fundraiser at Mia Nipote winery, which is, in fact, run out of the owners’ house. 

Outdoors opera is fun. Over the years I’ve noticed that songbirds will line up on a branch overhead and sing along with the sopranos. Typical day in paradise, really. 

Fortunately my friend John Shirley, veteran of the Anzio steel sleds, was at the event. I can’t carry a cop in my pocket, but a WWII vet is handy in case trouble breaks out.

All that’s missing on the paradise front is for Cali to have shall-issue CCW permits (or “License to Carry” as Calgunners have started calling it, to avoid scaring the sheeple) shoved down its throat by the courts. So I’ll be at the 9th Circuit in two weeks to watch Gura and Clement do their thing at the en banc hearing in Peruta. The fight’s still on, folks.
 ( I was really digging these rolling umbrella stands. I keep finding things for Phil to weld up for me. Knowing a good welder is expensive!)

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So I was driving home the other night

And I didn’t see this.

Just where are my tax dollars going?

It sure ain’t to fix the roads. There is a reason I don’t drive sports cars any more.

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RNS Quote of the Day, Laser Raptor Edition

“What year is this?” “It is the Viking Age.” “That explains the Laser Raptor.” http://vlt.tc/1xyq

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