No “Kumbaya”?

I saw fires on the news, so I guess that the no bill didn’t make certain folks happy.

Watched the the press conference that the looters apparently couldn’t wait through and heard, quite specifically, that Brown’s body was between the officer and a decent amount of his blood and other DNA matter. Meaning that he was approaching the officer when he was fatally shot. Meaning that not only was the account of him attacking the officer in his Tahoe true, but also that he was charging the officer when he was killed.

No wonder they’re rioting. They have an actual caucasian George Zimmerman figure with a badge who is destroying their narrative.

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Let me mansplain something to you


Yeah, I know it’s photoshopped. But I’m loving that for just one instant, every feminist who sees this gets pissed off.

In addition


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Inquiring Minds Want to Know

I mentioned that I’m currently going through TIG aluminum training at school, and a couple folks had some questions about it. So here are some answers.

Aluminum is one of the easiest process to ruin. This is because aluminum melts at a low temperature, so you don’t need as much heat to get it “wet”. However, it protects itself by attracting oxidizing agents from the air. These agents melt at a higher temperature than the aluminum itself, so you need to thoroughly clean it before you try to weld or you’re going to end up with a mess. The easiest way to prepare it is done at room temperature with a stainless steel brush.

Here is a vertical test plate with the five basic joints that has been cleaned and is ready for welding.


Joints from left to right: Butt, Lap, Tee, and Corner with Edge joints on the top and bottom of the Lap joint.

The other problem with welding aluminum is the thermal conductivity. Aluminum gets hot fast. With a mild steel test plate of this same design and thickness (1/8in) you could weld the first two joints on either end and the opposite end would likely still be OK to touch with a gloved hand. This aluminum test plate will be too hot to touch anywhere, even with full Nomex gloves, before I get done with the first joint.

The heat you start with at the beginning of the weld will need to be cut down by at least 25% before you get 2/3 of the way through with the weld. Which is why anything thinner than 1/4in thickness is best done with TIG, where you can control your heat with the foot control. 1/4in and thicker material can be done using a MIG process if you can move at an appropriate speed.

Here is the finished plate.


The white areas along the welds are from the burning of the left over oxidation by the “cathodic action” of the welding heat.

My welds are still kind of chunky in spots, which is why I’m still working on them. I work for strength first, cosmetics second. Since aluminum is rather expensive in relation to mild carbon steel, the school doesn’t offer a certification for it. Instead, they offer the appropriate training on the process and requires students to be able to show proficiency in the process.

I’ve seen these after they were cut up with a bandsaw looking for flaws or a lack of penetration or fusion. This plate would likely rate about a “7 out of 10″, mostly for cosmetics. Any plate that would rate less than an “8 out of 10″ is usually refused by the instructors and the student is sent back for more practice. Which is what I’ll be doing today.

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That’s how they do it in Sea-Town

Mayor Murray Pardons Tofurkey and Challenges City Council to Food Drive

As absurd as “pardoning a turkey” is, at least a turkey is a living creature. Seattle’s head politician pardoned a blob of molded inedible paste.

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Sunday Funnies

Three good ones. All the same topic.



That last one was so “offensive” to some folks that the Indianapolis Star pulled it.

Hit too close to the mark, in my opinion.

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Now that I’m done with that

Completed the retest on the Overhead (4G) test plate for Dual Shield FCAW certification. I had previously passed the Vertical (3G) test and not passed the overhead due to excessive porosity.

Not a problem this time. We switched out from the wire made by the black and yellow European company to the red, white and black U.S. company’s wire. Normally, I would just blame myself for the error, but the contrast between the results from each was too much. Plus, I wasn’t the only one. Apparently, this batch of “all position wire” was not quite up to the task.

Here was my view of the test plate as I took a break to let it cool down a bit


That was six feet, ten inches off the ground per my tape measure. I found a booth that I could get the ventilation and table up high enough that I could stand under it with my boots and hood on. On my previous test, I had to sit below it while the slag rained down upon my lap. I was able to hang it off the right side of the table and keep my left shoulder blade resting on the pole in the back of the booth for balance.

12 passes later and the one inch thick plate’s V-groove was full. The test allows a 1/8in reinforcement height above the plate for cover passes, I was at 1/16th at my highest point.

Cut and bent and here is the result.


You can make out the fusion in the V-groove of the plate in this picture.

My apologies for being too dumb to operate my phone and desktop at the same time and deleting the shot of my 3G and 4G plates sitting next to each other like bros.

Not sure what I’m going to do next. I still need to finish vertical TIG aluminum and both flat and vertical stainless steel TIG.

A problem has arisen and I will likely be coming back for Winter Quarter. Not sure if it will be full time or at night yet. While a MIG cert this quarter is not out of the question, seeing as how I have less than 14 days left in the quarter, it will be tight.

I’m thinking that if I come back full time I may do the MIG cert and a Stick cert and try for a Sanitary Stainless Steel pipe cert, even though I’ll likely have to buy my own pipe to practice on since it isn’t in the curriculum.

My instructor likes that plan a lot. I only hope my student loan folks do too.

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Protest for me, but not for thee

This was supposed to be a post last week, but life and stuff happened.

The leftosphere is up in arms that us peons who lost an Initiative vote might engage in some of that old fashioned civil disobedience.

Ammosexuals plan to be on the march in Olympia, Washington to protest. What are they protesting, you ask?

A law requiring background checks of gun buyers at gun shows and outlawing the transfer of guns from one party to the next. Thanks to the NRA and the Gun Owner’s Association of America along with all the Paulbots in the eastern part of the state, they’re absolutely certain that having to run background checks at gun shows will cause their guns to be taken away.

And so they plan to bring their guns and their bad selves to the state Capitol to openly trade guns within view of the state legislature. Not only that, but police don’t plan any arrests as a consequence.

Remember ladies and gentlemen: Riots and looting over a justified shooting by an armed citizen against a larger and stronger attcker is OK. Completely peaceful civil disobedience over being stripped of a civil right to exchange an inanimate object you are Constitutionally guaranteed to be allowed to own if you are a law abiding citizen,without have to pay for it, is the most horrible and evil thing to take place in the history of Democracy.

Their slogan for the day is: Respecting election results is only for Democrats. Ammosexuals are free to ignore any results they don’t like.

Every time you repeat that sentence in your head you lose an IQ point.

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Warning: May Cause Stupid

Hyper-sensitivity leading to hyper-stupidity

Berkeley City Council Approves Warning Labels for Gas Pumps

Berkeley, Calif., could become the first city in the country install warning labels on gas pumps. The city council voted late Tuesday to move forward on a plan to festoon the city’s fueling stations with stickers warnings that “burning fuel contributes to global warming,” the Associate Press reports.

San Francisco (obviously) is also considering a proposal to install the warning labels on gas pumps, which supporters have compared to the health warnings on cigarette packages. The program is estimated to cost up to $20,000.

Glad to hear they have solved every single other problem facing modern major metropolitan areas so that they can focus on these important topics.

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Split Decision

Well, once again, I have done well on one of the positions and poorly on the other.

My Vertical weld was flawless. Both cosmetically and structurally.


However, that porosity I had to fill in on the overhead killed me. One of the bend coupons had a pore in it and the other had a glass crack.

So, back to the booth for some practice and I’ll test either this afternoon or tomorrow morning. Should have results on Friday.

There may be some bad news on the job front mid-week next week. But I’m still going for it.

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A solution

To the incoming mess in Ferguson, MO.

The enablers won’t like it, but I’m not caring about their feelings.

Here are some “protesters” in Ferguson this last August, using the “Hand Up, Don’t Shoot” signal.


Here is the slogan spelled out on a bridge that was twatted tweeted out.


The solution to make sure the peace is kept.


Problem solved.

Next problem.

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