First gold

Now silver.

Still in “light duty mode” untill the 21st, but I made a rolling floor. Kind of…..


That’s the better part of $10K in 2inch stainless steel schedule 40 tubing. The rest is either already fitted/welded or hasn’t been cut yet.

There are 120 assemblies requiring 175 cuts on a bandsaw, not including the 476 12 inch legs made of 1-1/4in stainless steel tubing, and some 225 stainless end caps, that need to be welded on, all so that the new Starbucks warehouse can have bumpers to try and keep the forklift drivers from hitting the walls.

I’m not the one who is scheduled to weld the assemblies together, which would make me unhappy except I have been told that the paint crew will be taking their sanders to all the welds until they look seamless.


I’m not so sure I want to have my stainless weld-porn to be erased. Though it would be nice to impress.

I am, however, going to try and get the welding gig when we build the door guards out of 4in and 6in diameter schedule 40 stainless.

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Greenmantle Lived!

Y’all may recall my liking of John Buchan’s early twentieth-century thrillers. One that’s a rollicking read but that I’d always thought more than a bit fanciful is Greenmantle, about a Muslim uprising in the Caucasus, instigated by the non-Muslim Germans, allied with the Turks as they were at the time, to tip the balance in WWI.

Well, here’s a Muslim prophet, Sheikh Mansur, who led an uprising in the late eighteenth century, wore a green shawl, and was secretly an Italian.

h/t: Isegoria.

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We’ll see how much they like it

When it gets applied to their SWATting friends.

You’ll likely remember the case of John Crawford, the guy who was waving around a toy rifle at a Walmart and had a private individual call 911 saying this much, and when the police showed up, didn’t drop the item in question and was subsequently shot dead by the responding officers.

You may also remember that the local D.A. could get the officers indicted.

So the D.A. has gone after the guy who called 911

Fairborn Municipal Court Judge Beth Root ruled that probable cause exists to prosecute the 911 caller in the John Crawford III police-involved fatal shooting after reviewing affidavits submitted by Greene County residents.

Root found probable cause that Ronald T. Ritchie, the lone person to call 911 from Beavercreek’s Walmart before shots were fired Aug. 5, 2014, could be prosecuted for making false alarms, a first-degree misdemeanor punishable by maximums of six months in jail and a $1,000 fine.

There is uncertainty as to what legal steps may happen next, but Root wrote that the case should be referred to a prosecutor.

Now, I saw this story at the hyper-leftist Crooks & Liars site, where the author ended her post by saying “If nothing else, perhaps people will stop and think before they call 911 with false reports of people menacing with guns.”

Except that her bigoted cohorts who have a hatred for open-carrying citizens and like to call the police on people in the frozen foods aisle who are exercising their civil rights. I wonder if they’ll appreciate her support for this when they get billed for using 911 as a weapon?

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A Golden Opportunity

After damaging myself on Monday last week, I stayed home on Tuesday to let the damage settle itself and went back to work on Wednesday.

To find a project someone else had started, gotten frustrated with, and set aside.

We are building the lot of stairway hand rail for a waste waste treatment plant in Hawaii. It has to be removable because it is of only occasional use and they cannot use mild carbon steel because, well, Hawaii.

So they’re using stainless steel for the occasional hand rail and bronze for the embedded rail pockets as well as the buckets that go in the pockets when the rail is not in use.

Because I know both how to braize bronze and TIG-weld, and because one of my hands is down by 20% and I’m technically on light-duty, I got to TIG-braize me some bronze.


There are 32 pocket fills to go with the 32 embedded rail pockets. These each got a 1/2in hole drilled in the top both so that they wouldn’t float out and so that they’d be easier to pick out of the embedded pocket so the stainless steel rail could go in.

I didn’t get a chance to photograph the pockets as the project was very behind schedule when it got handed to me and they were being swooped up as fast as I could get them finished.

For future reference: Bronze braizing is best done with Oxy-Acetelyne fire, but is very, very slow. Using electric fire is faster but not very pretty. Also, it acts very much like aluminum, except before it wets up, you’ll hear something similar to radio static and that is when you dip and move. If you wait to see the puddle, you’ll start blowing out. And lastly, there is beau-coup zinc in bronce. Watch out for metal poisoning.

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Maximum DIY

Do you got the mad Do It Yourself skills?

Want to build a house for you and your family, but that sounds like a bit much to tackle?

Start here: Build Your Own Teardrop Trailer

Dave the RNS Photographer bought himself a very awesome one a while back, and I’ve envied it. But it cost a very pretty penny that I don’t have.

I’ve thought about buidling my own from the wheels up, until I discovered how much of a PITA it is to license a home-built trailer.

But these guys start out with one of those flat 4ft x 8ft trailers you can buy from a Chinese import store and build from there. I’d have to scale up, because that is what I always do, but the idea is the same.

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This Scout is Blegging for Optics

This poor fellow is in need of some target acquisition assistance. What d’yall think is a good choice?

Can't see much without my glasses

Can’t see much without my glasses

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I feel something

Mostly it’s like I need a shot of penicillin after talking to Sanders’ supporters.

These guys have the right idea


You can almost smell the chlamydia in the room when they’re in numbers.


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Life Happens

When you least expect it to. Unsurprisingly.

I was rolling some rather stout pieces of Marine Channel across one of the fitting tables at work in the process of flame cutting some copes into the flanges on Monday morning.

In one of my less than stellar moments, I guess that I tried to catch the largest piece after it slipped out of my hand. I was able to catch it, if by “catch it” you mean stop it from landing flat on the upturned flange of another piece of channel table with a huge crash by not getting the middle finger of my left hand out of the way fast enough.

Physics being what it is, this caused the bone in the tip of my finger to snap and split the tip of my finger open like a cherry tomato. The gory mess that followed is to horrific to post and caused me to spend three hours in the E.R. where I got six stitches and a splint. I get to keep my fingernail though, so I got that going for me.

I’ll be back to work today after spending part of yesterday finding gloves I can use while bandaged and splinted. I go back for a followup on Friday when I should learn just how long this crap will take to heal. I’ve got a little more than three weeks until Boomershoot, so I have a goal, at least.

On the plus side, because every thing needs a plus side, my “Flipping the Bird While Driving” game just went up like 300%. I swear you can see this thing from one side of the interstate to the other.

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Eaten by the monster of

The Bookface.

I joined a local prepper meetup group a few months back, but last month the manager of the group decided he’d rather not deal with the meetup BS and let us all know he was switching the group’s public facade to the Bookface. Not wanting to drop out, I broke down and joined the Bookface, and this past week has shown me why I stayed away.

Mofos coming out of the woodwork, plus info overload, and it is all so easy because it comes to me. It makes regular blogging seem like work.

I didn’t even use my real name and people from years ago when I was locally infamous and had no intention of speaking to ever again pop up and ask “Hey, are the same Phil from (insert reference here)?” And even when I tell them no, it’s like they’ve alerted a couple other people it might be me and I get more messages.

I know that I’m the product in this scenario, which is why I put up a whole lot of music in the hopes that more people will hear it and like it and maybe get some extra funds going to the artists. So, to the people I’ve friended, that is what that is about. If you’re on the Bookface and I’ve not found/friended you yet and you wish to make that happen, you can find me at my name plus Kadath.

In the meantime, I’ll try to get back into the game here.

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If you want to get debt

Because this is how you get debt.

The nation of Finland is on the verge of a very significant governmental experiment. The world will be watching closely and, if it works, it will surely spread widely to other countries.

Finland is planning to give every Finnish citizen and legal resident a monthly income of €800 (about $900). It would go to the poorest of the poor and the richest of the rich alike. To fund it, all welfare programs will be abolished, as will the vast bureaucracies that run them. (It is possible that a few, such as those that deal with the severely physically and mentally handicapped, might be retained.)

There will be no restrictions on the use of the money; no social workers dropping in to make sure recipients are behaving themselves. People can spend the money on food and clothing or on vodka and video games. The money will be taxable, like any other income, but those on the lower end of the socio-economic scale would keep all the money, as they pay no income tax, while those at the top would have much of it taxed away. (The Finnish income tax rate is currently 51.6 percent)

And when those agencies that are supposedly going away start to return, because giving people who are bad with money “free money” isn’t going to make them any wiser, the income tax rate will be up to 71.6%.

Speaking of people who can’t say no to giving away other people’s money

Although its 2014-15 budget was balanced, California’s state government ended the fiscal year $175.1 billion in the red, thanks largely to state retirement obligations that had to be included in its balance sheet for the first time.

Under new rules by the Governmental Accounting Standards Board, state and local governments must list unfunded pension liabilities as debts alongside the more traditional bonds and other forms of debt.

Counties and other local governments have been rolling out their annual financial reports this year, some showing multibillion-dollar deficits for pension obligations, so the state’s report was not unexpected.

A new rule?

Why does there have to be a specific rule when it comes to budgeting that you should list ALL of your obligations for the year AND balance the budget?

Ohhh, politics. Sorry I forgot about that.

I’m going to prognosticate a doubling of property taxes that will chase the remaining sane peoples out of the state.

And even that won’t be enough to stop the flow of red ink in the offices of the GASB.

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