To the party, progressives!

The Guardian, and a number of leftosphere sites (which is where I found it) are bemoaning a recent admission by the feds in front of a federal judge in Oregon.

The Obama administration’s no-fly lists and broader watchlisting system is based on predicting crimes rather than relying on records of demonstrated offenses, the government has been forced to admit in court.

In a little-noticed filing before an Oregon federal judge, the US Justice Department and the FBI conceded that stopping US and other citizens from travelling on airplanes is a matter of “predictive assessments about potential threats”, the government asserted in May.

“By its very nature, identifying individuals who ‘may be a threat to civil aviation or national security’ is a predictive judgment intended to prevent future acts of terrorism in an uncertain context,” Justice Department officials Benjamin C Mizer and Anthony J Coppolino told the court on 28 May.

“Judgments concerning such potential threats to aviation and national security call upon the unique prerogatives of the Executive in assessing such threats.”

It is believed to be the government’s most direct acknowledgement to date that people are not allowed to fly because of what the government believes they might do and not what they have already done.

The don’t like the “pre-crime” idea, but since the anti-gun types believe that all that is stopping an otherwise law-abiding gun owner from killing someone is a couple of unpleasant experiences, they still believe that the list is a good thing to use to deny people their civil rights.

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Iran’s neighbors

Are against the Obama nuclear sellout.

You’d think that’d give some people a clue.

Sadly, no.

Prince Bandar bin Sultan, the Saudi ambassador to the United States between 1981 and 2005, has written a damning column in which he compares the Iran nuclear deal to the failed nuclear deal with North Korea — and concludes it will have even worse consequences.

Writing for the London-based Arabic news Web site Elaph, Badar suggests that President Obama is knowingly making a bad deal, while President Bill Clinton had made a deal with North Korea with the best intentions and the best information he had. The new deal will “wreak havoc” in the Middle East, which is already destabilized due to Iranian actions, Bandar writes.

When you’re a mental midget who holds ideological purity and deathgrip loyalty above all else, even experts won’t change your mind.

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Is some of that next level shit.

A podcast from Blackness.TV. The guest is Marissa Janae Johnson, one of the women who busted up the Bernie Sanders’ lovefest here in Seattle over the weekend.

I’m not going to embed it, because it is vile. If you want to listen, and you should so that you’ll know what you’re up against, hit the above link.

To paraphrase her, if you are not willing to lay down your life to prove that black lives matter to you, you’re a racist.

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The Death of Civil Society

“When there is no organization with autonomy, there is no threat.”

Vaclav Havel’s Power of the Powerless looks like it’s complementary. 

Hmm. My misanthropy inclines me to like a Bowling Alone society, but if we need robust independent social organizations to counteract the State, must I begin bowling with others to further my political goals? Not bloody worth it. 

But wait! All is not lost! Aren’t 4chan, and Sad/Rabid Puppies, and various subreddits, and Arfcom, the modern versions of bowling leagues? With the added benefit of (sort of) anonymity? 

I feel better. 

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Will the last gun shop in Seattle

Please remember to let us know if they’ve moved to Shoreline or Tukwila?

In a vote on Monday afternoon, the Seattle City Council unanimously approved a new gun tax and regulations within the city.

The new tax would place an extra $25 on each firearm sold within the city and 5 cents on each round of ammunition. It would also require mandatory reporting of lost and stolen firearms.


“A gun violence tax will give us revenue to provide broad-based benefits through research and prevention programs. Mandatory reporting provides the police information critical to investigations. I’m grateful for my colleagues’ full support for both of these measures.”

Critics have called foul on the arguments for the taxes.

Sergey Solyanik is one such critic. The owner of Precise Shooter on Aurora Avenue, argues against the new tax, and has published his own numbers and figures that contradict the city’s assertions it can take in between $300,000 and $500,000 in gun-tax revenue to put towards gun-violence prevention programs.

“Basically, what the city has done is that they have invented numbers,” he said. “Pretty much, all the numbers they have associated with this proposal are outright fake.”

Solyanik punched his own numbers, based on actual sales in the city, and he estimates Seattle would more likely get around $80,000 from the tax. But that is only if the tax doesn’t alter the market. The gun store owner also argues that the tax will cause customers to divert their purchases to shops just beyond the city’s border.

I’ve never bought a firearm within the city limits of Seattle, and now I don’t have to worry about thinking about doing so. I wonder if this will apply to internet sales both from stores in the city selling to people outside the city/state, and/or people who live inside the city buy from stores outside the city/state?

Sorry Sergey, but I’d sure like to see a business either just outside of the city limits advertise a special for transfers for Seattle residents.

Anyway, the lawsuit will be interesting, since taxation is one of the keys to destruction.

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Those who ignore history

I’m sure you can finish the rest of it

A couple of decades ago, Sweden had a strong military. Its air force was one of the capable in the world, its navy had dozens of ships and submarines, and artillery guarded the coastlines from a multitude of secret mountain hideaways.

Now, after a number of fatal decisions, based on the belief that wars in Europe were a thing of the past, most of its military is gone and Sweden has virtually no means of protecting itself.

According to Sweden’s Supreme Commander Sverker Göransson, we can, at best and in five years, defend ourselves in one place for one week.

Sweden is a large country: with 447,435 square kilometers, it is the fifth largest in Europe. It also has one of the longest coastlines in Europe (3,200 kilometers), which not easily defensible.

Four days before the Second World War broke out, then Prime Minister Per Albin Hansson declared that “Sweden’s preparedness is good.” But that statement was a lie. Sweden’s financial preparedness may have been good, but its military preparedness was abysmal. The Swedish Army was outdated. Since the 1920s, Sweden’s military had been cut almost in half. Sweden could perhaps have resisted Hitler’s Germany for a few hours.

By declaring itself neutral — and allowing Germany to use the Swedish railway system to transport weapons and personnel to and from Norway — Sweden was able to avoid the fate of Denmark and Norway, which were occupied by the Germans. During that war, however, Sweden did start mobilizing substantially. By 1943, it had achieved a respectable military strength.

The article makes note of Putin possibly “asking to borrow” Gotland so that he could get the Baltic states in order.

I can’t see them being in any state to say no.

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More Please!

Bernie Sanders can’t even get peace in Seattle.

Bernie Sanders Shut Down By Black Lives Matter Protesters In Seattle

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) was forced to leave a Seattle, Washington rally without speaking after protesters claiming to represent the Black Lives Matter movement stormed the stage and took the microphone from the Democratic presidential hopeful.

“If you do not listen to us, your event will be shut down,” one activist told the senator.


After the moment of silence, one of the protesters who identified herself as Marissa Johnson, asked the crowd to “join us now in holding Bernie Sanders accountable for his actions.”

“I was going to tell Bernie how racist this city is — with all of its progressives — but you’ve already done that for me. Thank you,” she added.


“You are never going to hear Bernie speak if I don’t hear silence now,” Johnson said when some in the massive the crowd at Westlake Center called out for Sanders to be allowed to speak. “Now that you’ve covered yourself in your white supremacist liberalism, I will formally welcome Bernie Sanders to Seattle.”

I’d like to know how much it cost Hillary to have these folks chase Bernie around.

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No Time

Have some music in lieu of actual content

Hick Hop

I’ve got some friends and acquaintances who otherwise enjoy Country music that say that this is awesome, and others who say this is an abomination.

You watch. You decide.

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It’s contagious

The disease called Government.

We have all heard of the confusion the seeps from the ATF and their ever changing regulation decisions. But in the case of this federal agency, they actively participate in and promote what they currently deem illegal.

The attraction of drone racing is easy enough to understand. What puzzles me is how an organized sport could emerge in the face of what appears to be a legal prohibition on the whole activity.

You see, in June of 2014 the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration issued its “interpretation” of current regulations on model aircraft, an interpretation that bars FPV flight. Or at very least, it bars the used of video goggles for FPV. Whether you can use a video monitor to fly a radio-controlled model aircraft is open to interpretation of the interpretation.

The FAA’s justification for prohibiting FPV is that the pilot’s eyes are not on the aircraft, which in its view is contrary to the part of the 2012 law that says that for a flying device to be considered a model aircraft, it must be flown “within visual line of sight of the person operating the aircraft.” Traditionally, modelers have taken “visual line of sight” to mean that the model must be close enough that the pilot can see it if he looks in the right direction. But with its 2014 interpretation, the FAA redefined this phrase to mean that the pilot needs to keep the model in sight at all times, and it very specifically prohibited the use of video goggles.

You’d think that after issuing such a formal statement, the FAA would frown on something like the recent Drone Nationals. In fact, the FAA fully supported this competition and even sent two representatives to Sacramento to attend. “We started a dialog with [the FAA] from the moment we designed the event,” says Scott Refsland, one of the organizers.

Hopefully they weren’t just there collecting evidence.

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Their investment accounts will suffer because of it

New York City may divest hundreds of millions of dollars from Walmart and other big-name stores that sell guns and ammunition less than two years after it yanked investments in the country’s biggest gun manufacturers.

Trustees for the New York City Employees Retirement System, or NYCERS, one of the largest U.S. pension funds with more than 300,000 active members, passed a resolution this week to study the impact of selling its shares in major gun retailers, including Walmart, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and Cabela’s.

“Our nation is bleeding from gun violence, and we cannot and should not bolster the gun retailers whose weapons are used to kill and maim our citizens,” Public Advocate Letitia James, who introduced the resolution, said in a statement.

“Our public money must not be invested in companies that fundamentally undermine our public safety,” James continued. “We need to study the potential consequences and risks of continuing to own equity and fixed income holdings in gun retailers, whose weapons and ammunition reach the streets, towns and cities across our country.”

Yes, law-abiding, tax paying companies are helping criminals kill.

In Letitia James’ imagination.

Maybe if she could join us all in the real world, she’d do something better with her time. Like, well, anything that doesn’t make her a tool of Bloomberg’s anti-civil rights agenda.

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