There Goes My Bank Account

…seen on Facebook:

“Find out the Snap-On part number for what you want. Go to amazon and paste in the part number with “Williams”. You’re welcome.”

This is not what to say to a completist. Snap-On’s outrageous (yet understandable) pricing is what lets me keep paying my mortgage.

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(Almost) Internet Famous

So you all might remember a couple summers ago when I was building table out of car part odds & ends & tools & such.

Well, it seems someone liked them so much they decided to try and claim credit for one of them on Reddit.

A Table I Created From Old Engine Parts

I’m not sure how to go about correcting the record other than to post a comment on that thread, so that is what I did.

I do still have enough parts for 4-to-6 more of them, and I may indeed build some more this summer. I’m not, however, very certain how to expand my customer base beyond RNS.

Any ideas would be welcome.

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Never another happy day

I recently went to hang out with my sister for an afternoon. During this time we got to chatting and somehow fell upon the topic of Star Wars. She’s an enthusiastic nerd about these films, so we probably got there when she mentioned her love of the female protagonist for the movie. Because she is also a very enthusiastic 3rd Wave feminist.

I said something about how I couldn’t figure out why she needed assign a gender to a protagonist to enjoy being entertained, and that I enjoyed the character and didn’t care when their genitalia looked like.

She came back with “Well, you don’t have to worry about that, because you’re a guy. You get all the protagonists you want.” To which I replied with “And all the antagonists too.”

She then went off on how she is able to enjoy SW Eps four, five and six more now because she see these films as the dudes (Luke, Han, Lando, and probably Chewbacca too) putting aside their ambitions to unite behind a woman and get her into the leadership of the rebellion (or some such business).

I then went on to monlogue with something very close to the following:

“You can’t do that. You cannot see yourself as ‘A Woman’ first. You are a individual human being first. Once you put yourself into a box of ‘I’m a woman’ or ‘I’m black’ as the first part of your internal identity, you have lost and you will never have another happy day in your life. You may get happy moments, but they will be at the expense of those who are not like you and they will be made from spite and envy.”

“The moment you let someone tell you how to think of yourself, you have lost your true identity as an individual and as a human being. And it is someone else telling you to believe that. You do not do that to your own mind. It has to be fed to you, usually by someone telling you that the opposite of you is ‘bad’.”

She then quit speaking to me for a solid five minutes and when she did speak, the subject was changed, but the glare was the same.

We will meet up again. Probably in the next few weeks. She’ll keep the SJW bottled up until she can’t any more and I’ll unleash my individualism speech again, and maybe this time the glare will be replaced with a reasonable reply.

Or maybe not. But I’ll keep giving the speech to her and everyone else who has been SJW’d until I get one.

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Still Alive

Just barely.

Between a late return from Boomershoot and an early start to work the next morning, and the morning after that, I haven’t even had a chance to unpack completely. Never mind about cleaning the rifles. I’ve already decided that that is going to have to wait until this weekend.

Sorry y’all. Maybe tomorrow.

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The Time of Gathering Draws Near

The RNS Blogging Crew is approaching assembly at their personal shrine to the Holy High-Speed Projectile. Dave is heading West, David is heading North and I am not going anywhere until Friday but am set for David’s arrival today and to send him off with supplies tomorrow.

My usual ride to Boomershoot, Bull, is critically injured with a ruined water pump, and I’ve still not found all my .22-250 ammo because of the unique way in which I organized my garage over the winter months.

My boss is regretting letting me have Friday off and is asking me for 10 hour shifts all week. I’ve built two new bench tops for my and David’s shooting benches and I am still thinking up improvements for them but have no time, so that’s going to bug me all weekend.

This didn’t used to be so damned hard.

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How Draining

We’re still working on the bumper rails for the Starbucks warehouse, and in fact will be working on them up through the first week or so of May, but last week the architect sent over another couple sets of plans for immediate build.

Things like this embed frame for a floor drain grate.


It’s upside down, of course. The studs welded into the angles will help hold the assembly in the concrete. All stainless steel. I’m not sure why the material choice, so I thought it was weird enough to post about.

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Are you experienced?

Does anyone passing through here have any experience with the Upper Nisqually Sportsmen’s Club?

Scott and I are looking for a club to join. I like the distance they have for the rifle range and their assortment of weekend matches, but I would like to see if anyone has any experience with the folks out there.

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More Silver

Why yes, I did have naughty thoughts at work last week.


All I could think of was threading and baffles and end caps, oh my.


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First gold

Now silver.

Still in “light duty mode” untill the 21st, but I made a rolling floor. Kind of…..


That’s the better part of $10K in 2inch stainless steel schedule 40 tubing. The rest is either already fitted/welded or hasn’t been cut yet.

There are 120 assemblies requiring 175 cuts on a bandsaw, not including the 476 12 inch legs made of 1-1/4in stainless steel tubing, and some 225 stainless end caps, that need to be welded on, all so that the new Starbucks warehouse can have bumpers to try and keep the forklift drivers from hitting the walls.

I’m not the one who is scheduled to weld the assemblies together, which would make me unhappy except I have been told that the paint crew will be taking their sanders to all the welds until they look seamless.


I’m not so sure I want to have my stainless weld-porn to be erased. Though it would be nice to impress.

I am, however, going to try and get the welding gig when we build the door guards out of 4in and 6in diameter schedule 40 stainless.

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Greenmantle Lived!

Y’all may recall my liking of John Buchan’s early twentieth-century thrillers. One that’s a rollicking read but that I’d always thought more than a bit fanciful is Greenmantle, about a Muslim uprising in the Caucasus, instigated by the non-Muslim Germans, allied with the Turks as they were at the time, to tip the balance in WWI.

Well, here’s a Muslim prophet, Sheikh Mansur, who led an uprising in the late eighteenth century, wore a green shawl, and was secretly an Italian.

h/t: Isegoria.

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