Let me explain

Yes, I know it is my third day of posting funny pictures and that the blogging has gotten really light as of late.

My excuse is that I am so damn busy welding, a mortal man would cry.

Last week was my first week of my last quarter in class. In the next 11 weeks I have to finish learning to TIG weld 3/8 plate steel vertically and overhead, learn to weld 10″ diameter pipe in a fixed position (I am not allowed to rotate it), as well as learn to use the TIG welding process on Stainless Steel and Aluminum.

After that, I have to attempt to earn as many structural certifications as possible so that I can go out and get the best paying job I can find. I know for certain that I’ll be attempting a certification in both GTAW (TIG) sheet metal and heavy plate steel, an FCAW (Dual Shield Wire Feed) heavy plate certification, a GMAW (MIG) heavy plate certification, a SAW (Sub Arc Welding) heavy plate certification and, if I can sneak it in, maybe a SMAW (Stick) heavy plate certification.

Because of material costs, the school does nto offer certifications in anything stainless or aluminum in any process. If I want the chance to do that as a job, I have to show I am certifiable in many other types of welding and hope someone who can certify me notices.

In addition to spending my days doing that, a few weeks ago I left one of my tables and some business cards at one of the local rifle ranges in the hope of selling it. I did not. But even better, a local General Contractor saw it and has called me up to do some fabrication work on a home he is rebuilding.

Also, I have other folks wanting things like Headache Racks built for their trucks. They are willing to pay me $40 an hour for the work. I love y’all, but I love money more.

And lastly, now that the Dean is back on campus, I was hired by the school to work a few hours after class a couple days a week.

I guess you could sum it up by saying, “Mo money, less bloggin'”.

I will make every effort to post something every day. But it may just be funny pics.

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If you haven’t see it yet

You have now.

I found this while cruising the intarwebz yesterday


As the text at the bottom notes, this was a collaboration of sorts between the LawDogFiles and HSGCA.

All credit should go to those two. And it should be a lot of credit.

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Sunday Funnies

A whole lot of nothing this week (hence the tardiness).


Wonka meme time!






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The Week in Pictures

So far, anyway



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Yet another reason

To not live withing the confines of the City of Seattle.

As if there weren’t enough reasons already

Seattle to fine residents for not composting

Seattle residents who fail to separate food waste from trash will be fined.

The City Council voted Monday to impose the fines for not composting.

When the ordinance goes into effect next year, homeowners found with food scraps in their trash will be fined $1 for each violation KING reported Tuesday. The fine is up to $50 for a business or apartment complex.

Seattle Public Utilities estimates that about a third to one-half of what now goes in the trash should be recycled or put in compost bins.


Under the new rules, collectors will take a look when they dump trash into a garbage truck. If they see more than 10 percent of the trash should be composted, they’ll enter the violation into a computer and leave a ticket on the bin that says expect a $1 fine on the next garbage bill.

Collectors will begin tagging garbage bins with warnings Jan. 1. Fines start until July 1.

Seattle Public Utilities asked the council to consider the ordinance because the agency is falling short of its recycling and composting goals. The council vote was 9-to-0. No public hearing was required.

I am so glad I got out of the trash collection business. I worry that Scott is still there.

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One letter is all that matters

A bridge has a couple lanes shut down and the entire MSM averts its gaze from the real world to tell us about it for months in the hopes of sinking a Republican candidate from running for national office.

A state employee is fired by a Democrat for doing her job and we are just now hearing about it.

Deval Patrick says brother-in-law’s sex offender classification was factor in firings

Gov. Deval Patrick finally broke a week of silence yesterday and said he fired the head of the state’s Sex Offender Registry Board and put its executive director on leave in part because they tried to pressure a hearing officer to list the governor’s brother-in-law as a sex offender.

Patrick said the move to list Bernard Sigh — who was convicted of raping the governor’s sister — as a sex offender “involved some inappropriate at least, maybe unlawful pressuring by the chair and the executive director of a hearing officer to change an outcome of a case.”

In discussing the reasons he terminated Saundra Edwards, the registry board chairwoman, however, Patrick also revealed for the first time a 2008 whistle-blower lawsuit by the hearing officer who ruled that Sigh should not be listed as a sex offender.

The Herald first broke the story that Sigh had failed to register as a sex offender in Massachusetts in 2006, during Patrick’s first campaign for governor. Sigh was convicted in 1993 of raping his wife, served four months in jail and was put on five years’ probation.

“It turns out that case is the case that arose out of my brother-in-law’s experience way back at the beginning of the first campaign when the Republican Party, sorry to say aided by the Herald, nearly destroyed their lives,” Patrick told reporters yesterday.

I keep forgetting about all those times Republicans excused marital rape and the firing of female employees for doing their jobs in this “War on Women” I keep hearing about..


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We should be able to get these numbers up

This is a pathetic showing

One in four Americans want their state to secede from the U.S., but why?


I’m not really happy with the way they split up the map, especially the Texas +3 “Southwest” split, but I didn’t run the poll.

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OMG! Where’d they get those?

I wonder

ISIS kills 300 Iraqi soldiers by chlorine gas attack in Saqlawiyah

On Monday several Members of Parliament from Diwaniyah Province confirmed that ISIS killed over 300 soldiers using chlorine gas for the first time in Saqlawiyah, north of Fallujah.

Islamic Dawa party MP Ali al-Badri said, at a press conference at the parliament building in the presence of a number of deputies of Diwaniyah province and attended by IraqiNews.com that “the terrorist organization ISIS used chlorine gas for the first time in the region of Saqlawiyah after trapping more than 400 troops, resulting in the deaths of many of them due to suffocation while the terrorist gangs detonated car bombs within the brigade headquarters.”

It could have been a number of sources. However, one of those sources said they gave theirs to the Russians and the other source “never existed” according to MSNBC.

A third possible source could have possibly been some ISIS chemist. And if so, there will be more to come.

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That might be part of the problem


Half of felony gun possession crimes in Milwaukee Never Charged

Over the past two years, Milwaukee leaders have been making demands of state leaders to help them solve the city’s crime problem. One demand being made by Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett and Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn is for a state law change requiring a 3-year mandatory sentence for illegally possessing a firearm. But while Barrett and Flynn continue to push for the mandatory minimum, a Media Trackers investigation shows that the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s office may make their case for mandatory minimums a moot point.

In an open records request to the Milwaukee Police Department, Media Trackers requested information on all MPD police reports forwarded to the DA’s office with the recommended charge of “Possession of a Firearm by a Felon” – a felony under current law — during June, July and August of 2013. What Media Trackers found was that nearly half of those cases referred to the DA’s office by the MPD were never charged.

Of the 142 cases recommended for charges by the MPD between June and August of last summer, a year later Media Trackers was unable to locate any charge related to illegally possessing a firearm in 68 of those cases – a stunning 47.8% of the time – using WCCA.

In at least one case, Milwaukee DA John Chisholm’s office refused to charge a suspect with possession of a firearm as a felon in 2013 only to have the man charged with first degree intentional homicide a year later.

Well I’ll be darned!

Instead of dropping serious gun crimes and locking violent felons up, dropping serious charges to get a higher conviction/plea rate might be a bad idea.

I could have told them that and I didn’t have to even go to law school!

But if you keep up the bad ideas, then you get to campaign on future “tough-on-crime-ness” or something every go around.

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And there she goes…..

The 4th Amendment is going, going

Illinois judge rules police entitled to Swat raid over parody Twitter account

The police hadn’t even come for him. When four fully-armed officers of a Swat team burst into Jacob Elliott’s house in Peoria, Illinois in April they were looking for the source of a parody Twitter feed that had upset the town’s mayor by poking fun at him.

It transpired that one of Elliott’s housemates, Jon Daniel, had created the fake Twitter account, @peoriamayor, and so incensed the real-life official, Jim Ardis, with his make-believe account of drug binges and sex orgies that the police were dispatched. Elliott was just a bystander in the affair, but that didn’t stop the Swat team searching his bedroom, looking under his pillow and in a closet where they discovered a bag of marijuana and dope-smoking paraphernalia.

Elliott now faces charges of felony marijuana possession. He has also become the subject of one of the more paradoxical – if not parody – questions in American jurisprudence: can a citizen be prosecuted for dope possession when the police were raiding his home looking for a fake Twitter account?

A Peoria judge this week ruled that the police were entitled to raid the house on North University Street on 15 April under the town’s “false personation” law which makes it illegal to pass yourself off as a public official. Judge Thomas Keith found that police had probable cause to believe they would find materials relevant to the Twitter feed such as computers or flash drives used to create it.

It all sounds like there might be a fingernail above the board of the law, until you get to the part where we find out that the prosecutor knew it was a bullshit rap and a bullshit raid and dismissed all the charges related to the Twitter nonsense.

But the guy with the baggie of mary jane and a bong is still going to net a felony rap.

Who runs Illinois again and keeps claiming their for the little guy?

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