RNS Quote of the Day: 09/16/2014

While writing about the NYT tale of how “Assault Weapon” is a term made to scare white folks, Surber refuses to hold the tough questions back.

Instead of going after the gangs, Urban Democrats go after the law-abiding citizenry, unconstitutionally banning handguns and the like until the Supreme Court’s Heller decision reversed that.

In politics, unintended consequences are rare. By going after the weapons white suburbanites and rural people enjoy, Democrats obfuscate the real issue: Black young men killing black young men for profit in cities controlled by Democrats.

Don SurberDo Democrat Care About Dead Black Men?

The answer is: Only if will help them get votes.

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This is big!

How big?

7.575 million square miles!

Extent of Antarctic sea ice reaches record levels, scientists say

Scientists say the extent of Antarctic sea ice cover is at its highest level since records began.

Satellite imagery reveals an area of about 20 million square kilometres covered by sea ice around the Antarctic continent.

Jan Lieser from the Antarctic Climate and Ecosystems Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) said the discovery was made two days ago.

“This is an area covered by sea ice which we’ve never seen from space before,” he said.

“Thirty-five years ago the first satellites went up which were reliably telling us what area, two dimensional area, of sea ice was covered and we’ve never seen that before, that much area.

“That is roughly double the size of the Antarctic continent and about three times the size of Australia.”

That’s pretty damn big.

And this isn’t some lopsided leftist comparison where they measured the ice during one season and compared it to another season. This is ever. EVAR!

Of course, the MSM will finally get around to reporting on the “big ice” during the southern hemisphere’s summer when the sheets break off the shelf and go floating. Then it all be “glowball warmening” or some such.

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It must be nice

Having a (D) after your name. Less of that unwanted “bad media” when you need it.

Louisiana U.S. Sen. Mary Landrieu took nine charter flights — costing taxpayers nearly $15,000 — that coincided with campaign events where she raised over $130,000, in possible violation of federal law.

The nine flights are in addition to several others that were discovered last month.

On Friday, the Republican National Committee released records of the flights, which Landrieu expensed to her Senate office — and ultimately to taxpayers — between 2000 and 2008.

All of the flights coincided with fundraisers she held in Louisiana.

Who does she think she is, President Obama? He’s the only one who can force taxpayers to cover his campaign travel.

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Somebody needs some amnesty


American fined $5000 for border jump with bike

U.S. Border Patrol agents slapped a $5,000 fine on an American citizen this week for slipping into the United States from Canada on a mountain bike, the agency announced Wednesday.

The 40-year-old American and his 44-year-old Canadian companion were nabbed Sunday near Houlton, Maine, after allegedly biking across the border south of Notre Dame, Canada, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

A Border Patrol agent spotted the two men at about 2:30 p.m. with mountain bikes on a dirt road near the border. After questioning the suspects, the agent arrested them for illegally crossing the border.

On a related note, over the past couple weeks, James O’Keefe pulled a media stunt to show how easy it is to “sneak” into the US. He crossed the US/Mexican border dressed as bin Laden and the US/Canadaian border as an ISIS soldier.

The leftosphere, seeing King Put and his minions repeated lies about “our borders are secure” being shown to be lies decided that the best way to rebut O’Keefe was to actually post headlines such as:

James O’Keefe Gives Would-Be Terrorists Lessons On How To Sneak Into The USA

Because no one knew about these illegal crossing points before O’Keefe posted his video.

Not that it really matters. There are something like 6,000 missing immigrants here with expired student visas.

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It’s almost as if…..

The planet doesn’t care what we do.

Cutting CO2 emissions is harming the Ozone Layer

A UN report published yesterday claims, for the first time in 30 years since the Montreal Protocol, to have “detected a measurable increase in ozone” in the highly variable and seasonal ozone hole over Antarctica. But, ironically, the Kyoto Protocol to reduce CO2 emissions is having the opposite effect of increasing the ozone hole.

Personally, I blame the treehuggers. When will they figure out that hugging trees causes them to hold onto their Ozone emissions?

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Sunday Funnies

Only one good one this week, so “Superhero Edition” follows.


To answer the question, no he doesn’t think they are Mormons. He has a strategy for Mormons.




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To paraphrasee Slate Star Codex, Cigar Aficionado’s bio of Winston Churchill “is 20% cigar and 80% awesome.”

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Sadly, I Cannot Recommend Atlas Shrugged Part 3

The wife and I just went to see it, and it’s just a really bad movie. And we liked the previous two.

I appreciate the financial constraints, but it really showed here. The director’s choices may have been due to making the film on a shoestring budget, or not, but in any case they tended to be bad ones. Fans of the book will not, I think, be happy — and who the hell else did they make this film for?

The inclusions of Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, and Ron Paul were jarring and not, I thought, useful additions at all.

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No agenda here

I’m thinking somebody is looking for votes in November and needed some good press

Bristol District Attorney C. Samuel Sutter knew the law. He also understood the threats posed by climate change. So for days he grappled with what to do about the two environmental activists facing criminal charges for blocking a 40,000-ton coal shipment last year to the Brayton Point power plant in Somerset.

Just as the trial was about to begin Monday, Sutter decided to drop all charges.

Then, in a dramatic appearance at Fall River District Court, he said he empathized with the stance of Ken Ward and Jay O’Hara, who said they were acting to reduce harm to the planet when they used the lobster boat Henry David T. to block the shipment to the coal-burning plant.

“Because of my sympathy with their position, I was in a dilemma,” Sutter said afterward. “I have a duty to go forward to some extent with this case and to follow the applicable case law, but they were looking for a forum to present their very compelling case about climate change.”

He added: “I do believe they’re right, that we’re at a crisis point with climate change.”

So let’s see if I get this straight: If a district attorney decided to drop all the charges against, say, abortion protesters who trespassed or otherwise blocked access to an abortion clinic because he had “sympathy for their position”, he would get the same amount of praise from the MSM, right?


Jeez, I wonder why.

And btw, yes, he is currently running for re-election.

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It’s a good thing

That Target wrote that press release for Moms Demand Attention!

Some idiot could have walked in there and had an accidental discharge.

An off-duty Honolulu police officer alleges he accidentally fired his gun while he was in the bathroom of a Target store on Saturday.

According to KHON, the officer took the Glock out of the holster, put it on the toilet paper dispenser, and accidentally shot it when he went to pick it up.

No one was injured, but the bullet ricocheted off the stall and into the wall of another stall. It’s unknown if anyone else was in the bathroom at the time, but the noise startled shoppers in the store.

And the selfish bastard that he is, the cop was the only one in the right spot in case the sound caused anyone to shit themselves.

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