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The first one I’ve had sitting around for a few weeks. The second one I found on Sunday.



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But what about the kids!?!

University of Oregon professor says college shold be priced so that “all” students can afford it.

Until the money in the budget earmarked for his raise gets re-earmarked to go towards a university paid Fellowship Program.

Then, oddly enough, he thinks the price for a Graduate education is just about right.

Everything should be free, so long as someone else has to pay for it.

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I did my taxes months ago

That’s my excuse for failing to put up a post for the 15th in particular. I don’t let thebureaucrats keep my money from me one second longer than they’re allowed.

That, and I’m trying to eke out time to fab up a shooting bench before Boomershoot. I might have pics Friday, so there’s that to look forward to.

So, in true belated fashion, Ron Swanson explains taxes







Tell me about it, kid.

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The non-ID ID card

You can no longer do anything without is about to become your national ID card.

As Republicans push for new voting restrictions around the country, a handful of Democrats have coalesced around an impromptu idea: placing a photo on Social Security cards.

Former U.N. ambassador and civil rights activist Andrew Young — who chairs a nonpartisan voting rights group called Why Tuesday? — buttonholed President Obama and two of his predecessors in Texas this week in an effort to win their support for the concept. Former presidents Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter endorsed the idea, while the White House declined to comment.

“It’s just an idea whose time may have come,” said Young, a former Atlanta mayor who was in Austin to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights Act at the Lyndon B. Johnson presidential library. “What we’re saying is, everybody’s got a Social Security card. But with all of this identity theft going on, it’s a good idea to have your picture on it.”

The proposal drew praise from some election experts but also prompted immediate concerns on both sides of the political spectrum — highlighting the controversy that still surrounds voting rights issues.

Some voter advocates said requiring such cards could still put poorer Americans at a disadvantage, while conservatives such as Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) argued that it could pave the way for a new form of national ID.

If Clinton and Carter have given the idea approval, you know the idea is shit. I distinctly remember being told that the card was never envisioned to be an identification card.

Surprise! Yet another Democratic Party lie exposed.

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And then the alarm clock went off

Vermont was dreaming

Of the plans that states have hatched for the Affordable Care Act, none has been bolder than that of Vermont, which wants to implement a single-payer health-care system, along the lines of what you might find in Britain or Canada. One government-operated system will cover all 620,000 of Vermont’s citizens. The hope is that such a system will allow Vermont to get costs down closer to Canada’s, as well as improve health by coordinating care and ensuring universal coverage.

Just two small issues need to be resolved before the state gets to all systems go: First, it needs the federal government to grant waivers allowing Vermont to divert Medicaid and other health-care funding into the single-payer system. And second, Vermont needs to find some way to pay for it.

I’d blame the delusion of something for nothing on unicorn farts wafting north from the District of Columbia, but this nightmare should be taken seriously. As is mentioned in the article, people move to Vermont to live under less of a tax burden. If they aren’t down to fewer than 500,000 residents in five years, I’ll be surprised.

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Maybe this was their intention the whole time?

One of the Occupy protesters is charged with assaulting an NYPD officer. However, she can’t be tried at this time because they can’t find enough potential jurors who don’t see the Occupy gang in an unfavorable light.

It is the most important question being asked of dozens of New Yorkers lined up as potential jurors for the trial of Cecily McMillan, an Occupy Wall Street activist accused of assaulting a police officer: what do you think of her protest movement?

Unfortunately for those keen on the swift procession of justice, a series of Manhattan residents who presented themselves at the criminal courthouse this week declared that they strongly disagreed with it – and could not promise to be impartial about one of its members.


And as one after the other was rejected – either by McMillan’s attorneys, state prosecutors, or the judge – a jury selection process that the defence had hoped would be completed in one day reached the end of a second with only seven of the 12 jurors’ seats filled.

When you and your friends refuse to grow up and learn the difference between “Private Property” and “Personal Property”, (hint: there isn’t any) people who have to live and work in the real world tend to not enjoy having to share oxygen with you.

On a different note, why do we have to go to the UK for this news? Is the US media this biased towards the Occupy tweakers that they can’t dare report this?

Found via American Glob blog

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Welcome to the Party

It’s about damn time.

Record-high 60% of Californians say they pay too much tax

While about half of Californians view the state and local tax system as fair, a record-high 60 percent of adults say they pay much more (30%) or somewhat more (30%) than they feel they should in state and local taxes; 35 percent think they pay about the right amount and 3 percent say they pay less than they should. Opinions of likely voters are similar.

I think the nice weather is too much of a distraction to be able to notice the hand of the government taking money out of your wallet.

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Not quite a good enough reason

To leave America for NYC. But if it tours I might have to take an evening to go see it.

At long last, we’re getting an Ayn Rand musical

Why did this take so long? There’s an all-singing, all-dancing Ayn Rand off-Broadway production coming to New York in May. The Anthem is inspired by Rand’s novella “Anthem,” set in a world where individuality is illegal. Including the cowboy from the Village People!

The Anthem starts performances on May 20 at the Lynn Redgrave Theater, with the show officially opening on May 29. And according to Theatermania, the play features “a book by Gary Morgenstein, music by Jonnie Rockwell, and lyrics by Erik Ransom. Rachel Klein helms a cast that stars Jason Gotay (Spider-Man Turn Off The Dark), Remy Zaken (Spring Awakening), and Randy Jones (The Village People).”

I have a sneaking suspicion I won’t like it, but it’s like my mom used to say with Brussel Sprouts and Fried Chicken Hearts, “you won’t know you don’t like them unless you try them”.

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Sunday Funnies




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Saturday No-So-Funnies

Two issues. One post. With video.





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