Stupid Human Tricks

Alternate Title: Socialist Hires Other Socialists to Help Push Socialist Agenda. Socialists Rejoice.

Even with the Republicans in control of the Senate, Senator Bernie Sanders (Idiot-VT) gets to keep his seat on the Senate Budget Committee. He also gets to hire his own staff.

Sanders has hired well known progressive operative and writer Matt Stoller to advise the committee on Wall Street and other economic issues. Stoller started last Monday as senior policy adviser on financial services, trade and economic issues, a spokesperson confirmed to msnbc.


Stoller, who most recently held a similar job under liberal firebrand Florida Rep. Alan Grayson, rose to prominence during the Bush era as a widely read progressive blogger and has gone on to have a varied career in politics and media. That included stints producing for msnbc’s “The Dylan Ratigan Show” and co-starring in the first season of FX’s “Brand X with Russell Brand” as the British actor’s political analyst.

Sounds like a winner. He can probably tell you how, sometimes, 3+3 actually equals giraffe.

The Independent self-described Democratic-socialist also recently named academic Stephanie Kelton as his chief economist.

Kelton, the chairwoman of the economics department at the University of Missouri-Kansas City, who used to tweet under the handle “@DeficitOwl” (as opposed to a “deficit hawk”) is a leader in a school of thought known as Modern Monetary Theory that advocates for some deficit spending as a means to grow the economy. This year, she gave a lecture titled “A Heartwarming Tale of Debt and Deficits in the Modern Economy.”

You can tell that a large number of her thoughts on economics are false, because in her stories about nations spending their way to prosperity she always skips the part about “and then a lot of people died.”

I’m sure that with his on again/off again thoughts of running against Hillary in 2016, the media will be giving Red Bernie and his staff lots of airtime this year.

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Teacher of the Year

Sorry, that should read Worst Teacher of the Year.

When you’re this stupid, no amount of higher education is going to make you into a teacher.

A high school teacher wanted share an important life lesson with his students.

But a dull lecture just wouldn’t do. So he planned a simple interactive exercise. All he needed was some scrap paper for each student and a recycling bin at the front of the room.

He set up the exercise by telling the class that they represent the country’s population and everyone has a chance to get rich. But there was a catch:

“To move into the upper class, all you must do is throw your wadded-up paper into the bin while sitting in your seat.”

The results were about what you’d expect. Most of the students in the front made it into the bin, and most of the students in the back didn’t.

The teacher explained: “The closer you were to the recycling bin, the better your odds. This is what privilege looks like.”

Understandably, the only students who complained about fairness were those in the back of the room.

Students in the front of the room, however, focused only on the task at hand with little consideration for their advantage — their privilege.

That’s how privilege works. It can give us clearer insight into both our present and future. But it can also distract us from the challenges people behind us face in pursuit of the same goals.

In that sense, people with privilege can themselves be an obstacle to social mobility for the underprivileged.

Wow. The stupid is strong with this one. There are many holes in his idea, the most blatant of which is seating arrangement: Did he choose where everyone is sitting, or did the students?

If he chose the seating, then he is the granter or said “Privilege.” And is therefore the one responsible for the downfall of his theory.

If the students did so, they they are the ones at fault for their lack of having an “advantage” over the students further back.

And since students who sit up at the front of the class are already more likely to study harder and get better grades to earn this so called “privilege”, and the students at the back more likely to half-ass their free public education and be stuck behind the “middle-class” in terms of living standards, then they are the only ones holding themselves back.

In either case, all this teacher has done is show folks who don’t worry about something as asinine as “privilege” that the whole purpose behind the idea is to divide people and cause those less successful to be jealous and angry at the more successful.

Which should be grounds for stripping this “teacher” of his credentials. Using class time to make one group of students hate another group is not what he is getting paid for.

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Good on them

It’s about time an employer did this

Papa John’s Pizza stands by employee who shot armed robber in self defense

Now if they would only quit putting laxatives in their pizza sauce, I’d probably start ordering from them.

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The wife complains about the fireworks our neighbors, both near and far, set off after a Seahawks win.

Not so much this afternoon, because , as she just put it, “what the fuck?”

Go Hawks!



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And the winner is…..

Well, in reality, we’re all winners because we were able to have this bit of fun and not get rounded up and tossed into a dank cell somewhere for it. Getting moved higher up on some secret list doesn’t count (yet).

Anyway, I had a list of songs in mind. Sadly, I’m a horrible communicator and forgot to tell Scott about doing this, and he picked one near the top of the list (Cult of Personality – Living Color), so I’m going to have to revert to best original idea.

In that case, CAshane wins for “The Enemy Within – Rush”.

Sadly for him, I still don’t know what the prize could be. Hit my email box, Shane. We’ll figure something out.

While the contest was about a song’s title acting as your description of Dear Leader, I think I found the song that runs through his head.

And below the fold are some of the other songs on the list I had running in my mind last Sunday when I put the contest up.

Continue reading

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Foolish Mortal

I was. Thinking I could live AND post regularly.

And then, my life got in the way.

Namely, one very pedantic Psychology instructor who (apparently) thinks her class is the only one I’m signed up for.

Also, this



A rather groggy woman in her pajamas on her way to the airport to pick someone up thought she could merge into my lane (@ 15mph) while I was already there (going 50mph).

Thankfully, I can Jedi, and didn’t release her from her mortal coil as her car struck my truck.

That is how high a Nissan Altima’s mirror is off the ground. The crease goes all the way back to the door. Now her insurance company is complaining because they say they were told there was no damage to my truck. USAA is on the case, but I have to do some running around.

Also, there was this


The box it slides under tests windows.


Apparently, glass cannot break into too small of pieces when it is struck with a 50lb bag of lead shot. This will catch the broken glass so that it can be examined, then be forklifted over a dumpster where they can lift the dump bed and empty it. All without making a huge mess when the window is struck.

I have approved all of the entries for the “Name Obama in a Song Title” post that were being held and will begin sorting them later today with the winner being announced sometime tonight or tomorrow.

We at RNS thank you for your patience.

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Alright then

We know where he stands.

Leaked Al Jazeera emails expose anger over global support for Charlie Hebdo

Leaked internal emails from The Qatari-based Al Jazeera news to the New York-based National Review magazine revealed a split in the network’s employees that ran across lines of the global campaigns “I am Charlie” and “I am not Charlie” in the wake of multiple terror attacks in France.

Al Jazeera English editor and executive producer Salah-Aldeen Khadr sent out a staff-wide e-mail last Thursday, reminding his staffers that “We are Al Jazeera!!!”

Khadr made suggestions for Al Jazeera employees on how to cover the Charlie Hebdo massacre, including, asking if it “really was an attack on free speech,” whether “I am Charlie” is an alienating slogan and whether this was really an attack against free speech and, or “European values” or really “a clash of extremist fringes.”

Kahdr finished by writing:”Defending freedom of expression in the face of oppression is one thing; insisting on the right to be obnoxious and offensive just because you can is infantile.”

Khadr’s email was responded to by US-based correspondent Tom Ackerman, quoting an op-ed by Ross Douthat in the New York Times: “If a large enough group of someone is willing to kill you for saying something, then it’s something that almost certainly needs to be said, because otherwise the violent have veto power over liberal civilization.”

Firing back at Ackerman’s response, Doha based correspondent Mohamed Vall Salem wrote: “I guess if you encourage people to go on insulting 1.5 billion people about their most sacred icons then you just want more killings because as I said in 1.5 billion there will remain some fools who don’t abide by the laws or know about free speech.” Salem added that he thought “what Charlie Hebdo did was not free speech it was an abuse of free speech,” and ended by condemning the “Heinous killings” but finishing in all caps “I’M NOT CHARLIE.”

He is only saying this because he knows that there are no radical presbyterians waiting to be offended so they have an excuse to shoot up the AJ offices in NYC.

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Would. You. Like.

To. Play. A. Game?


You have until the close of business Friday to toss your best idea into the comments box. I will choose the one that makes me laugh hardest. Winner gets a fabulous prize of something to be determined later.

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Sunday Funnies

Using the line of thought that any editorial cartoon that doesn’t offend someone isn’t a very good editorial cartoon


Also, there will be a game tomorrow. Be sure to stop by sometime this week and play along.

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Police Just Can Not Handle Criticism

A few days ago, I found this article on Calibre Press, which is critical of Radley Balko.  I don’t recommend the article itself, but at the time, the commenters were having a field day taking the author’s arguments apart, and from what I saw, they were being generally very respectful of it (no name calling or trash talking, etc).

Today, all those comments are down the memory hole & comments are closed.  Totally their right to do so, but I find it telling.  Police & their supporters are not helping their case by silencing critics, ignoring criticism, or labeling critics as bad people.

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