Riding the Rails

OK, not so much riding them as hunched over all day welding them.


You have to be careful welding thin stuff, because the only thing keep it from distorting as you weld along it is its own weight at the ends.

This was number two of four. I finished the third one and a corner section on Saturday and will likely finish number four and the hand rails today. Then the fun part of having to get these 22 to 25 ft long sections out through a 20ft wide door on a forklift.

Yes, my back was killing me by the end of each day last week. Hoping that stops happening soon.

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Tis a Pity

They won’t be made to reimburse taxpayers for the gigantic waste of time they are pushing on the courts

A Lane County judge will hear arguments today in the case of two Oregon teens who sued the state for failing to act on climate change.

Kelsey Juliana and Olivia Chernaik, both of Eugene, filed suit in 2011, arguing that the Oregon government’s failure to follow through with its pledge to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 75 percent below 1990 levels by 2050 constitutes a violation of the public trust doctrine.

Future “Social Justice” majors at work.

My guess is that they have very little to say in favor of those who collect rainwater for personal use on private land and, when the government finds out, get fined.

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Guess Who: Updated

Starts his new job today!?!

I went old school. Called, sent the resume, interviewed and tested on Monday Accepted the offer yesterday afternoon.

I have two dozen or more resumes still floating in the ether at other companies. When they call, and they will, I’m going to, as nicely as possible let them know that I’ve already accepted an offer from someone who doesn’t believe it takes 2-3 weeks to even invite someone in for an interview.

As for where I’m working, it is a fab shop that makes some very interesting architectural stuff. Mostly stairs and railings, but also some heavy structural balconies and fascias. Mostly mild steel, but also stainless and aluminum.

Pics when I can get them.

The best part is that they are less than 5 miles (as the crow flies) from my house. No more commute into Bedlam.

I have a physical therapy appointment for my hand at 8 and I go to work right afterwards. I’m also going to see how much of the Boomershoot weekend I can request off without pay before I start signing paperwork. I would at least like the Monday after so that I don’t have to leave as the sun sets on Sunday.

Wish me luck.


Well, so much for starting out at a measured pace.

I walked in, filled out the necessary paperwork and was shown to this monstrosity.


And told to weld it up.

I welded some of the verticals and about 2/3 of the available flats. I’ll finish the flats tomorrow and we’ll use the overhead crane to turn it over so I can get to the rest.

At lunchtime I was told what it was for. They’re going to set a very large and heavy part of Big Bertha on a pair of these while Bertha is disassembled for repairs. Locals will recognize that name. Non-locals should hit the link.

I’m impressed with how much I must have impressed them in the interview. Getting back to work after lunch was humbling. I was asked if I could work Saturday and agreed to a full shift.

I was also given the Monday after Boomershoot off so that I can drive at a leisurely pace and not have to make a midnight run back home Sunday night. Friday and the Thursday before, were denied. They are very busy.

It’s hard to sleep when you’re this happy. And I’m afraid that I look stupid walking around during the day.

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RNS Quote of the Day – 04/09/2015

Sharps Buffalo Rifle- Working File  - d

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A Few Days in The Sandhills of Nebraska


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Tease . . . .


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It does what it says

So you know there is nothing “progressive” about it.

Explaining the libertarian position on anti discrimination laws

Sadly, the progressives and racists (but I repeat myself) will never take the time to read it.

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Steppin Out

I’m out to drop off some resumes in person as requested by the ads. I’d say I’m bringing all my gear in case they want me to test there and then, but part of the reason I bought Grimm was because he has a built in stash spot for my gear, so it hasn’t left the vehicle since I cleaned out my locker at school. I’m ready and more than willing.

I’m also expecting a call back from the intermodal repair shop telling me the whiz quiz and background check came back clean and we can discuss which days I’ll be working this week.

Also, my wife’s mother is flying in this morning to stay with us for a couple days before they take off for San Diego this weekend.

Life happens. I’ll keep y’all updated.

No disrespect to Joe Jackson, but naw

And just because


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Them Bones

While it would be nigh impossible to show y’all what’s been going on inside my head, showing off what has been going on inside my hand is much easier after yesterday’s cast removal session.

Apparently I healed up well and am now down to a light brace and a band aid (to cover the pin holes). I can’t make a fist yet and it hurts to type, but here we are.

So, this is shortly after my accidental run-in with a piece of 3/4in plate trying to unstick a welding rod.


They put it in a splint to stabilize it while I waited for my surgery appointment. In the surgery, they put a pair of pins in it to keep the bones lined up since I made it clear I couldn’t stop going to school.


And this is yesterday.


Like I said previously, there’ll be some hand therapy to get back to 100%. I’m at about 75-80% right about now and getting better every day.

I asked for these x-rays because I think I’m going to try and get these put on films and use those films as side panels in a custom-made lampshade or something.

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RNS Quote of the Day. West Hunter Edition

Back in 1940, the Soviet powers that be wanted more wheat (and more dead kulaks, of course) .  Today, our most desired product is excuses.

–Greg Cochran

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