It was foretold

That programs such as Obamacare would overload the system to the point where service availability at the individual level would decline.

“Nonsense!” said the promoters of the program. “Only a fool would believe that!”

Half of Doctors Listed as Serving Medicaid Patients Are Unavailable, Investigation Finds

I prefer to say “I told you so” with a piece of re-bar. But that might just be because I work with metal all day.

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M14 Shotgun Stock

So, apparently the Magpul 870 stock conversion kit fits the M1A/M14 rifle Sage modifies the Magpul Remington 870 stock conversion kit to fit their EBR stock for the Garand/M1A/M14.

For those in California or other AWB states, that’s kind of important as the “pistol-grip” on the EBR would force you to use a bullet button to remain legal.

I’ve been thinking of an EBR stock for a while now….

Now that’s not my rifle, I just read it on the internet, but I just may be tempted to try this out.

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It’s kind of like an inheritance

But much more “douchbag-y”

The ultimate Motorcycle Diaries experience! Now you can tour Cuba by bike with Che Guevara’s son.

The son of Marxist revolutionary Che Guevara is preparing to launch a motorcycle tour company.

Ernesto Guevara has set up La Poderosa Tours, which will begin offering travellers trips around Cuba later this month.

The 49-year-old, whose father famously undertook an 8,000-mile motorcycle journey across South America in 1952, will run trips for bikers on two routes across Cuba using Harley-Davidson motorbikes.

The company also includes Mr Guevera’s childhood friend Camilo Sanchez a fellow lawyer who shares his passion for motorbikes.

Mechanic Sergio Morales makes up the trip running the company, which offers five night, six-day from £1,900 ($2,970) and nine-day tours from £2,750 ($4,296).

The son of a Marxist revolutionary has to resort to Capitalism for a living.

His father would have people brought into La Cabana for doing that. I certainly hope that isn’t lost on him.

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RNS Quote of the Day – 11/09/2014

Describing both the Home Mortgage bubble AND the swiftly approaching Student Loan bubble

The government decides to try to increase the middle class by subsidizing things that middle class people have: If middle-class people go to college and own homes, then surely if more people go to college and own homes, we’ll have more middle-class people. But homeownership and college aren’t causes of middle-class status, they’re markers for possessing the kinds of traits — self-discipline, the ability to defer gratification, etc. — that let you enter, and stay, in the middle class. Subsidizing the markers doesn’t produce the traits; if anything, it undermines them.

Glenn Reynolds

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The People

Aren’t smart enough to know what they need.

And, by golly, they need to get out of Obama’s way and let him stuff it up their collective ass.

The left keeps crying about their failed attempts to try and bring back the Fairness Doctrine. Right thinking folks should suggest something equally impossible. Something such as an “Arrogance Hand.” A large hand that drops from the ceiling and slaps the shit out of people who think they should just be able to run the world.

However, I suspect that that would make it hard to find guests for the talk shows, as well as talk show hosts.

I’m still failing to see a downside.

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Running Around

Dropping off “art”.

A couple months back, The Wife came home and asked if I could visit one of her co-workers to talk with her about an welding project. Being a not-quite starving student who is always up for doing something cool and different, I agreed.

This co-worker collects kitsch. From sixties memorabilia of all types, to funky furniture, ot old arcade games, this woman has a lot of stuff. She’s not a hoarder because she both buys and sells, but she has a lot of stuff.

One of the things she has is old hubcaps. Enough to spell her name out in six-foot letters on the ground. She wanted a “running man” that she could stand in her yard.

I told her that wouldn’t be a problem, had her select a bunch that she wouldn’t mind me possibly ruining, boxed them up and went to work.

It took me a couple weeks of two nights a week fab shop work to get it did and done, but the install was yesterday.


“Ben Bellevue” stands 8.5 feet tall and probably has Christmas lights on him by now.

He looks like this without his metal clothes on


Plymouth, Packard, Rambler, Oldsmobile, IH, VW, Buick, and Mercury. With Chevy truck knees and Ford truck hands.

Next up, she wants a couch with three hub cap topped “Space Needles” along the back. Probably sometime around March.

This quarter in Fab Shop I built this, welding screen frames for my “shop”, a fascia for a fireplace (which y’all will be able to see once the plasterer gets around to doing his deeds on the fireplace surround) and am ending the session by building a welding table like the ones we use in school.

I also want to get some time to build one of these.

I have the bowling ball and the bottle jack. Now I just need the time.

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As seen on I-5

I’ve never been one to hide what I think. In the case of my vehicles, I tend to just post it on the back of the vehicle. Not in a “crazy” way, since most of them are subtle statements for insiders.

Like this


I do tend to be a little more upfront with my Jeep. I worry less about people vandalizing it than I do my truck. I do still have to spend an unfortunate amount of time in King County, after all.


Normally, my stickers like the one on the lower left get me the finger. I have had a small number of people attempt to berate me at an intersection. Also, I once had a guy berate me while traveling at highway speeds. I don’t have power windows, so ignoring him was easy.

I have also had one other guy try and merge with me while he was staring me in the face at freeway speeds. I knew to watch out for him because when I passed him a moment before I saw that his little truck had a sticker calling TEA Party members racists, homophobes and murders.

However, last week, I had something rare happen. I was driving the Jeep and as I was being passed on the right by a white Ford Escape it paused. I looked over to see two men and a woman looking at me. The driver was giving me a thumbs up, the woman in the passenger seat and the other man in the rear passenger side seat were both waving and smiling.

Shocked and amazed at the positive attention, all I could whip up at that particular moment was a head bob and a lifting of the fingers off the steering wheels.

As they passed I noticed a couple of very nice stickers about the Constitution on their rear bumper.

If you know these folks or, by an even more extraordinary chance ARE these folks, my apologies for my slight reply. Get in touch and I’ll buy you a beer.

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Sorry for the delay

Needed some downtime these last days of the quarter. Then had an install of the most recent project today.

That project will become some of the new content tomorrow.

In the meantime, “anarchists”


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A little further than the tip of my nose

As the saying goes “Your rights end at the tip of my nose.”

When it comes to mob violence disguised as “free speech”, that line gets moved a little further away from the potential victim.

Photo captures man flashing gun at protesters in CWE

St. Louis police were called to Maryland Avenue and Euclid in the Central West End around 8:45 pm Wednesday night, after receiving a call for a person struck.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch photographer David Carson was at scene and captured a man with a gun inside the vehicle flashing his weapon at demonstrators marching toward the Chase Park Plaza.

Witnesses say the minivan the man was in hit one of the protesters in the intersection.

Police arriving on scene stop protesters from climbing onto the minivan.

Around 200 protesters were marching at the time in response to no indictment against a New York police officer accused of using a choke hold to kill an unarmed African-American male being questioned about selling loose cigarettes.

FOX 2 reporter Shawndrea Thomas reports emotions were running high at the time in the Central West End, with police blocking intersections for protesters to use safely. Traffic in the area was congested for a short time during the demonstration, but has since returned to normal.

Its not known if the man who flashed the gun was arrested or facing any charges.

So, almost that entire story is a lie that anyone not attempting to paint the protesters as victims or gun owners as lunatics could figure out after seeing said picture.


I see a person whose car was stormed by protesters defending himself.

Anyone who didn’t see this (both someone having to brandish their firearm to stop from being assaulted by protesters and/or the media’s reaction) happening sooner rather than later is deluding themselves.

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The dumb leading the ignorant

On Monday, four members of a particular political party pandered for votes by showing they know how to “raise the roof” of the US House of Representatives and put their hands up while giving floor speeches, symbolizing the long debunked idea that Michael Brown was surrendering when he was shot.

As Reason discovered after on a little searching, not a single one of them has voted against a single measure that would have demilitarized police forces.

And in less “stupid” and more “dangerous” news, Richard A. Epstein writes at the Hoover Institute blog about how the demeaning of the rule of law is the actual goal of movements which push misinformation about stories such as Wilson/Brown and Zimmerman/Martin.

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