I don’t do the Bookface

So I hadn’t heard about this until now.

Tens of thousands of Connecticut gun owners chose to become overnight felons rather than comply with that state’s new gun registration law. The defiance spurred the Hartford Courant editorial board to impotently sputter about rounding up the scofflaws.

New York’s similar registration law suffers such low compliance that state officials won’t even reveal how many people have abide by the measure—a desperate secrecy ploy that the New York State Committee on Open Government says thumbs its nose at the law itself.

Now Washington state residents pissed of about i594, a ballot measure inflicting background check requirements on even private transactions, plan an exercise in mass disobedience next month.

The fellow getting much of the credit for organizing the rally is Gavin Seim, a former (unsuccessful) congressional candidate and passionate conservative. Seim got a lot of buzz last month when he pulled over an unmarked police car and demanded that the officer show identification. Perhaps surprisingly, Seim not only wasn’t ventilated, but the officer complied.

Seim and his allies (the Facebook event page lists Kit Lange Carroll, Sondra Seim, and Anthony P. Bosworth as co-hosts) plan a rally for the Washington State Capitol, in Olympia, on December 13 at 11am PST. That’s nine days after the law goes into effect. So far, almost 6,000 people have indicated their intention to attend and “exchange guns” without going through a background check, in defiance of the new requirements.

My last day of school is the 11th of December so, excepting an alien invasion or volcanic eruption, there shouldn’t be any reason for me to not be there. However, I would prefer to go with someone I “know” to complete the exchange.

So, if you’re in Western Washington and are also looking for someone to exchange valentine’s firearms with temporarily at this shindig, you know how to reach me. I have a number PSH inducing items I can bring to exchange, or we can be as tame as yer momma would prefer.

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5 Responses to I don’t do the Bookface

  1. eriko says:

    I’ll be there. Should be fun. I was planning on tame from my end. I figure a cricket designed to train children in safe firearms handling is scary to some.

  2. Rolf says:

    So, which would be more photo-op and make-a-point worthy, a cap-and-ball muzzle-loader (now requiring a check and all, because they redefined “firearm”) or a semi-auto 50 BMG?

  3. eriko says:

    Big vs small would be pretty funny.
    22lr vs .50 BMG

  4. Jim says:

    Take “gang-banger” guns. Jennings, Ravens and Hi-Points. Hoist ’em on their own petards.

    Sunk New Dawn
    Galveston, TX

    p.s. Be sure to hold ’em sideways when you trade ’em. Authenticity matters!

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