It’s Amazing

What a little free time does for getting all those things you put on the back burner done.

Many, many moons ago I designed a logo for fun. I posted it here at RNS and people liked it and said I should get it put into sticker form.

So last week, I did.

Recycle 1

I also made this one up.

Recycle 2

Now, here is the deal: If I can get orders for 50 to 100 (or more would be nice) of these bad boys I will put an order in for them. The first one is a 3″ circle and the second is 3″x10″ rectangle.

If I can get an order of 50 for each, the circle will be $2.50 each and the rectangle will be $3.50 each. That includes sending them to you (in an envelope with my lovely handwriting on it and a stamp).

So tell your friends, neighbors and reloading buddies to fill up my email box with requests and I will give them my PayPal addy (and if you want to suggest a service that works like those guys but isn’t, let me know that too).

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4 Responses to It’s Amazing

  1. Ragin Dave says:

    I’d take two. I don’t reload just yet, but I want to.

  2. I will take 2 circles. Awesome! says:

    I will pay via PayPal when instructed. Thanks

  3. Stuart Clark says:

    I work for a State recycling agency…. I SO need those in my cubicle!!`

  4. Davidwhitewolf says:

    I’m in for 15.

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