The last one for a bit

Table #7 was brought into the world this weekend


More wrenches, more shaped steel, spider gears, motorcycle transmission gears, New Process transfer case gears, BMW timing chain gears, and more nuts and bolts that you can shake a stick at (does anyone really shake sticks at things these days anymore even?).

The chain surround is a double link timing chain from a GM V6. T-case chain is becoming difficult to acquire and I happened upon enough timing chain to make a pair of tables. It is slightly narrower than t-case chain, but whereas t-case chain is a grey color, timing chain is quite easily polished to a shine. The leg is a GM DOHC V6 cam on top of a stack of t-case gears. The foot is another GM Vortec 5.7L V8 flexplate. As is usual with the square tables, the center is a t-case planetary gear, so the top spins.

I have a special project coming in sometime this week that I’ll be posting about when it arrives. It is not a fun tale. Also, I’ve been getting requests for smaller items that don’t cost a lot. I figure I can turn out a bunch of smaller items in a day or over a weekend so, if I can knock the special project out before the end of the week, I’m going to spend next weekend whipping up things like this.


It was supposed to be a foot for a lightweight table made out of bicycle stuff, but the legs made of sprockets and chain were not strong enough for my liking. A friend requested something she could hang on her wall and I still had the foot and the top sitting around so this is now a “snowflake”. If she doesn’t like it on the wall, she can use it to set hot pans on because, although you can’t see it, there is a riser welded under the center sprocket.

Anyway, if’n you’re interested in the table, you know how to get a hold of me. It is the last one I have in inventory until I re-start production again in a few weeks. I’ll have a couple weeks off from school starting in the middle of August and I plan on working under the canopy daily. So we’ll see what spits out of my Millermatic nozzle then.

I DO still need to make bumpers for the Jeep…..

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  1. CAshane says:

    Looking forward to seeing what you do for those bumpers. I have been meaning to do the same thing for a while now. Already bought a big spindle for the spare tire swingout and some thick 3/4″ clevis mounts to use as the base both front and rear. Was going to build the rest with 3/16″ and some 1/8″ skin. Up front will ultimately need a tubing bender as I want to do an integrated brush guard and have somewhere to mount my lights. Somewhere I have a schematic I got from someone at NAXJA that gives all the measurements and hole placement for the base plates for the front bumper so you can easily work around the bolts for the steering box, etc. If I can find that I’ll email it to you, may make things easier when you start.

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