My Jeep is Hungry

But it will be denied the opportunity to eat because I spend to much time in King County where two of the larger municipalities already demand that people with few or no job skills be given $15 and hour.

Activists Vow To Occupy Fast-food Restaurants To Get Higher Pay

Activists and protesters seeking to pressure fast-food restaurants around the nation to give them $15 per hour minimum pay say they’ll do whatever it takes – including civil disobedience and occupying the facilities – to win their cause.

“I personally think we need to get more workers involved and shut these businesses down until they listen to us,” and maybe even occupy the restaurants, said Cherri Delisline, a 27-year-old single mother from Charleston, S.C., who has spent 10 years making $7.35 per hour at McDonald’s, The Associated Press reported.

If she has been employed at McDonalds for 10 years and is only making $0.10 above minimum wage, then she either needs to find a better place to work or do something to impress her boss. Personally, I’d do the former.

But back to my Jeep; so, if they “occupy the drive thru”, can I consider them obstacles and crawl them?

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3 Responses to My Jeep is Hungry

  1. Merle says:

    Yes, by all means crawl them – but be sure to get good video!!!


  2. ZZMike says:

    Does anybody really believe that the minimum wage is one that lets you raise a family, send their kids to private schools, buy an SUV or two, and retire to a home in the Hamptons?

    These people are economic illiterates.

    “Shutting down the businesses” will really get them to pay higher wages.

    Naturally, the protesters see absolutely no connection between working – providing a business with the ability to stay in business, and maybe even make a profit – so they might be able to hire more people – and where the money in their paycheck comes from.

  3. Veritas says:

    Ten years working as a hamburger flipper! Three guesses what her IQ is/her work ethic.

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