All PSH’d and Nowhere to Go

My goodness, yesterday was a full-on Markley Monday.

What with the Palmer v. D.C. decision over the weekend, the anti-civil rights left went all out yesterday. There were plenty of Wild West comparisons and name calling (yes, you and I are now being labelled as “ammosexuals”), but their mouths runneth over with multitudes of quotes involving male genitalia.


(edited to remove the boob from the pic. An actual tit, not the anonymous boob holding the sign)

But my favorite post from them yesterday was about the decision handed down by the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals that upheld Florida’s “Docs vs. Glocks” law which heavily fines doctors for prying into the personal lives of their patients and keeps them from badgering citizens with bullshit anti-gun slogans while they are wrapped in a paper-thin gown that ties in the back.

Mark Joseph Stern at Slate wrote “Doctors in Florida Cannot Legally Protect Children From Guns” and my first thoughts after reading that were “Is there a problem in Florida I am unaware of? Are firearms just getting up and walking around targeting kids?” And “Are Doctors not allowed to carry concealed?”

But then I realized that it was just more PSH and to let it go.

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6 Responses to All PSH’d and Nowhere to Go

  1. Toastrider says:

    The comments at Slate make me despair for the greater whole of humanity.

    I particularly liked the arguments saying that the ruling was a violation of the First Amendment. It’s like watching some poor drug addicted shovelhead declaring proudly, ‘I’m a constit… contra… law professor, just like my president!’.

    Besides, if they do, things could very interesting very quickly. Imagine a doctor who questions some guy on his gun ownership, and the info leaks out. Because it’s classified as ‘medical information’, it’s a HIPAA violation. And that’s bad juju for any medical outlet.

  2. Overcompensating? So, why’s my favorite gun a 2″ snubnose?


  3. formerly dfwmtx says:

    When a feminist is told “you’re just a feminist because you’re too ugly/shrill to get a man”, it’s called sexist and misogynistic.
    When a gunowner is told “you just like guns because you’re compensating for having a small penis”, it’s sexist and misandric perfectly ok if you’re a liberal/progressive. And feel free to switch out “gunowner” for “owner of a big truck/SUV/Hummer/muscle car/hot rod/expensive car”.

  4. Phil says:

    PSH = Pants Shitting Hysterics

  5. Anonymous says:


    This is just a rhetorical question, but: what happens to HIPAA when medicine is socialized and every physician and nurse in America is a Federal employee? What happens to doctor-patient confidentiality?

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