Human Economics, Part 2

An economic boom’s a-comin’!

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2 Responses to Human Economics, Part 2

  1. rusty muskets says:

    OK 200 trillion over 20 years for 76million baby boomers have I got that right? by my calculations that would mean for every death of a baby boomer it would generate about 2.6 million dollars- ain’t gonna happen……..

  2. Eric Wilner says:

    Sure it’ll work. All it needs is a new custom of insanely expensive funerals, and a new type of heavily-subsidized lending. Because no family should have to go without a spectacular funeral for the dear departed!
    Let’s see… a Viking funeral with a custom-built yacht? A full-acre burial plot with a 100-foot-tall marble castle for a monument?
    Pyramids! That’s it! Bring back pyramids, for everyone! On credit!

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