Boomershoot 2014 Private Fireballs

They were awesome. Click below the fold to see.

Yeah, that’s the aftermath, complete with small crater, behind me.

Now for the before.

First, the crew, slackin’ before the action commenced.

FuzzyKBP’s fireball in slow-motion:

Me with Orville Bierkle’s revolver (I had an assist from Dave the RNS Photographer off camera in case the .45 ACP tracer didn’t set off the boomer or the gasoline):

Not all of them worked. This attempt was a failure.

But that was okay, as the next iteration was MAGNIFICENT because SMOKE RING:

That smoke ring just hung there, gently twisting, for what seemed like more than a minute. Anybody time it? Anyway, it was really freakin’ cool.

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