You probably haven’t heard of this one yet

But knowing the gun bigots, you will soon enough.

Gun Safety Laws Prevented Potential School Shooting Massacre In Connecticut

Bent on fame and exacting revenge on the people she believed responsible for her pain and isolation, police say Natalie Carpenter plotted with 19-year-old accomplice Peter Thulin to covertly sneak into Danbury High School, hold students and staff hostage and shoot “until everyone was dead.”

This very troubled young woman was living in a group home called Hope House because she was, to put it less than gently, fucked in the head. The staff at Hope House let her “come and go as she pleased.” Two of the comings and goings were to a local gun shop and to the local Wal-Mart. At both of these locations, she was turned down when she attempted to purchase a shotgun. The gun bigots are pointing to Connecticut’s new firearms laws as what stopped her from making her purchases.

She phoned in threats to the school which, along with a tip from one of her friends about her ranting about killing people at a school, led to her arrest. After her arrest, they searched her room and found her journal/diary with even more evidence of her fucked in the headness and took her away.

However, in this link, which repeats the tale above but is nowhere to be found at the gun bigot’s sites or the leftosphere news sites where I first picked up on the story, it mentions that she was refusing to take her maintenance medications. Even during this time, the Hope House staff let her keep her “come and go as she pleased” privileges.


Why did they not put her on some type of probation that limited her movements? Why did they not send her back to a state run mental facility for people who don’t take their medications? That is the job of a halfway house, isn’t it?

I’m sure we’ll never hear about who, if anyone, is going to be punished for letting this obviously dangerously mentally deranged adult citizen roam the streets when and where ever she wanted.

And because no one gets in trouble for letting the criminally insane loose on the streets, the rest of the residents of Connecticut have to deal with fewer civil rights than residents of other states with sane firearms laws.

And the gun bigots on the left and in the news (but I repeat myself) get to lie by omission and say that their new limits on civil rights “stopped a massacre”.

Because those are the only victories they get these days.

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2 Responses to You probably haven’t heard of this one yet

  1. formerly dfwmtx says:

    Well, the advocates for the mentally ill want to make sure that no matter how harmful they may be to themselves or to others, mentally ill are treated with kid gloves so we don’t hurt their feelings more. Just make sure someone pays for the meds and care facilities, and we’ll bus them around on election day to vote Democrat.

    Seriously, no one is having that conversation over gun rights and mental illness. No one wants to open that can of worms because it involves possible restriction of rights on one hand, and the possibility of being held legally liable on the other.

  2. Paul B says:

    Most of the self help centers I know of are voluntary. If you don’t want to be there you can leave. If you raise enough of a ruckus you get come and go privileges.

    The only ones I know of that might stem this tide are the court ordered ones that are hard to get unless your particular dementia includes alcoholism or some kind of testable drug abuse that puts you afoul the law.

    It is the devils own task to get a court order interment unless the police are involved.

    Could be a clue to a part of the problem.

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