What if…

A person responsible firearm owner save a life using their personal firearm. Would the media report it?

They kind of have to now.

Deborah Hughes stood up to a ferocious mob and possibly saved a man’s life.

The retired nurse said Monday she didn’t hesitate when she saw a group of men savagely beating Steven Utash last week, after he got out of his pickup on the city’s east side to check on a 10-year-old boy he had hit with his vehicle.

“Nothing was really going through my head, other than ‘They need to stop beating this man,’ ” said Hughes, 56.

The incident started about 4:10 p.m., when Utash, a tree trimmer, accidently struck 10-year-old David Harris near Morang and McKinney. Hughes, who lives across the street, said events unfolded quickly.

“I looked out the window and saw that the boy had been hit, so I threw on my coat and ran out there,” said Hughes, who is retired from the St. James Nursing Center in Detroit.

Hughes also made sure to pack her .38 caliber pistol. “You have to carry a gun around here,” she said. “This neighborhood is terrible. I don’t walk around without my gun.”

Could this be the last good person in Detroit? I certainly hope not.

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  1. Paul B says:

    I think there are good people in Detroit. We should hear about some of them now that they can be armed. Otherwise they would be a statistic.

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