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The neo-Marxists complaining in mainstream newspapers about how “Inheritance is an Injustice” and how “Inheritance creates Income Inequality, which is an Injustice”.

Because some people won’t work hard and sacrifice for something to hand down to their children, you shouldn’t be able to.

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  1. “There are many achievements, including some of the finest, which need more than a single lifetime for completion. The individual can compose a symphony or paint a canvas, build up a business or restore order in a city. He cannot build a cathedral or grow an avenue of oak trees. Still less can he gain the stature essential to statesmanship in a highly developed and complex society. There is a need for continuity of effort, spread over several generations, and for just such a continuity as governments must lack. Given the party system more especially, under the democratic form of rule, policy is continually modified or reversed. A family can be biologically stable in a way that a modern legislature is not. It is to families, therefore, that we look for such stability as society may need….Without such a springboard, all must start alike, and none can excel; and where none can excel, nothing excellent will result.”

    — C. Northcote Parkinson

  2. Cormac says:

    I can’t believe he used France from 1913 & 1947 as snapshots with regards to inherited wealth…
    There was a lot that happened in that part of the world in just a few decades that would have affected wealth.

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