They have trained them well

An 8th grade American History classroom in Novi, MI, a suburb of Detroit a question was posed to the students:

“Which would you rather be: A slave or a factory worker during the Industrial Revolution?”

The essay was assigned to be completed in class, and the teacher stated that he did not want any parental involvement.

Steve Matthews, Superintendent of the Novi Community School District, said the essay was based on a Michigan Content Expectation, in which 8th grade students were asked to be able to explain the differences in the lives of free blacks — including those who escaped from slavery — with the lives of free whites and enslaved people.


“The majority of the class felt that they would rather be a slave than to be a factory worker. And she was just extremely confused by that, knowing what slaves went through, she couldn’t understand why anyone would choose that,” James said. “The rationale by those students to choose slaves was that they had free housing, they had free food and they had free protection. But the argument that she and I put forth was that those things were not free.”

They have successfully created a class of people who would rather have free stuff than freewill.

Congratulations, Democratic Party.

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4 Responses to They have trained them well

  1. dustydog says:

    It’s a whitewashed secret of the North, that the North’s slavery was terrible and brutal compared to the South. The South kept blacks in hereditary slavery. The North arrested poor people, and used prisoners as slave labor. The pool of potential slaves in the North was higher than they could employ, so there was no incentive to treat them humanely.

    There are a few notable cases of factory workers being arrested for not doing exactly what they were told, and then forced to continue working in the same factory, only in chains.

    Emancipation was mostly about crippling the South’s economy, and only a tiny bit about justice and civil liberty.

  2. formerly dfwmtx says:

    They also chose to be slaves in the South because they got to be outside in the sunshine and fresh air, I’m sure, as opposed to working in the horrible factory conditions.

  3. NotClauswitz says:

    Nowadays slaves can choose to stay inside and just watch big-screen TV (March Madness – and bet!) as long as they vote for the right party that gets ’em the free stuff of slaves.

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