Standing their ground for bad science

Tonight the Democratic Party in the Senate will pull an all-nighter to talk about “Climate Change” with themselves.

Senate Democrats are about to burn the midnight oil to make their case on climate change.

The previously rumored all-night session on the effects of climate change will take place Monday, Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse confirmed.

“It’s locked in,” the Rhode Island Democrat told CQ Roll Call. “An all-nighter is an all-nighter. We’re going to go all the way through to eight or nine in the morning or whenever they need to clean it up for the next day.”

How much extra coal-powered electricity will this farce eat up? Do they plan on calculating their carbon footprint of this exercise? Can they do it with the lights out so I don’t have to watch replays of the C-SPAN coverage?

And in case you haven’t seen it yet, a Global Warming Death Cult member tries to reason as to why the computer models are all wrong.

For the past 15+ years, there has been no increase in global average surface temperature, which has been referred to as a ‘hiatus’ in global warming. By contrast, estimates of expected warming in the first several decades of 21st century made by the IPCC AR4 were 0.2C/decade. This talk summarizes the recent CMIP5 climate model simulation results and comparisons with observational data. The most recent climate model simulations used in the AR5 indicate that the warming stagnation since 1998 is no longer consistent with model projections even at the 2% confidence level.

To her credit, she does put the idea that the models were fiddled with on the list. Which, as you can see in the comments, earns her a symbolic excommunication of sorts.

I could have made it really simple: The models don’t run right when run in reverse. They were messed with and/or designed to put out a wanted result.

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2 Responses to Standing their ground for bad science

  1. dustydog says:

    At a minimum, the models must address 3 issues:
    1) changes in solar activity
    2) volcanoes, which emit more carbon and sulfur per decade than all human activity ever
    3) radiation, which has been decreasing exponentially. Earth was unimaginably more radioactive a thousand years ago.

    Most of the models have to ignore the Sun, because temperatures correlate 100% with solar activity on daily, yearly, and 10-year cycle basis.

  2. Ragin' Dave says:

    Not a single damn person spouting off about Global Warming can explain to me the Medieval Warm Period (farming in Greenland, vineyards in England), nor can they explain the Little Ice Age (entire markets set up on the River Thames, as it was frozen solid).

    So the supposed “scientific” community cannot explain those variations in global temperature, yet they want me to believe that they can predict the future temps? How can you predict the future when you can’t even explain the past?

    Oh, right – PFM. Pure Fucking Magic.

    At this point the global warming crowd should just admit that it’s nothing more than a cultish religion, based only on faith, and unable to prove a damn thing about any of it’s assertions.

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