RNS Quote of the Day: 03/26/2014

So long as I don’t give them an opportunity to go for the race card in the first few exchanges, you can argue them into silence. At least the generic ones in the PacNW.

It’s a safe bet that the next smug liberal dork you hear repeating the cheesy cliché about how “Reality has a liberal bias” doesn’t live in Ukraine.

The key to understanding liberals is realizing that they are immune to argument. The concept underlying the idea of a debate is that facts and reasoning can lead one to change his previous conclusions. But liberals begin with their conclusions; facts and reasoning that may undermine the preexisting conclusion must be at least ignored, if not actively attacked. This is why you see liberals shouting about jailing global warming deniers as blizzards rage outside.

Kurt SchlichterUkraine Illustrates Hard Truths Liberals Won’t Face

Ukraine illustrates the idea that bad people will do bad things no matter how well you treat them. And just like anti-gun bigots, leftists don’t understand this and will keep trying to hug their muggers.

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  1. Paul B says:

    Yeah, OBama is more worried about a nuclear explosion in NYC than anything else. The unspoken part is he expects the TEA party to do the deed.

    What a maroon.

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