Waste of time and money

Poor training leads to poor responses.

So, when the Ohio National Guard gets trained that the likely terrorists are 2nd Amendment supporters poisoning student’s food and it turns out that the their next response is to a series of bombings in shopping malls, and they respond poorly, exactly who should get the blame?

And really, if they keep insisting that folks such as myself are terrorists, how long until I just give in and listen to them?

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2 Responses to Waste of time and money

  1. Merle says:

    I would have hoped that the Guardsmen would be smart enough to understand that scenario was bullshit!


  2. formerly dfwmtx says:

    If not done out of political leanings, this speaks to a lack of creativity in the scenario-planners brain.
    Obviously, using pro-gun conservatives would piss off conservatives, and using eco-terrorists would piss off the left, and using Muslim terrorists would piss off Muslims, but no one thinks to write the scenario with seperatists from Nowhereistan doing this? The seperatists from Nowherestan who want to break off from Greater Nowherestan and form an independent progressive and democratic theocracy of Neverheardofit-sylvania never protest about this names being used in a fictional scenario because they never existed, as the scenario-writer should’ve known to do in the first place.
    And poisoning food with mustard gas?

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