‘Tis the Season

Greetings from frozen Michigan.

A couple of weeks ago I sent David a link to a site I thought was kinda neat called “icecastles.com“, where a gentleman had built massive ice castles by hand. Embedded in the linked page was a YouTube video starring a violinist named Lindsey Stirling, whom I had not been familiar with at the time. I was so taken by the video that I spent the next couple of hours viewing several of her videos on the YT site.

I now feel a sense of affirmation as I have been creating my own “ice castle” right here at the Great Lakes homestead over the last few polar vortexes:


from December


Two months, a slight bit of melt plus I don’t know how much more H2O from the injured spigot. The next quarterly water bill should be quite an eye opener.

We purchased and moved into this house last summer and though I had it “inspected”, the faulty spigot remained anonymous until I happened to walk around the corner of the house in December and saw my creation (this side of the house is without windows and I am embarrassed to admit that I let way too much time pass between walk-arounds to check the entire house perimeter).

I’ve let this go so far because the inside of the house is dry with no issues (yet). The basement is finished with sheet rock on both ceiling and walls where this line is located. I’ve found no shut-off valve specific to this spigot and only the whole house water supply shut-off to stop flow. I’ll get around to calling a plumber and having this looked at and pay him to tell me to break sections of drywall down until I can locate a shut-off. If there are better approaches, I’m eager to hear them.

Oh well, life happens and it looks like Lake Superior may do one of its rare freeze-overs this year and I feel bad for the hard core Corvette affectionados out there.

Looking forward to Boomershoot and seeing the West again.





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  1. Rolf says:

    An unfortunate way to do “pretty,” but at least you got pic of it. Thanks for sharing. Here in the PNW it looks like we are going to be getting a lot of rain, soon. Maybe ten inches in the mountains. Different sort of water problem.

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