IntraLasik FTW

I had the all-laser eye surgery two days after New Year’s, and went from this (which is like 20/700 in the worst eye)

- to 20/20 the next day, and now 20/15 one week out.

I had no idea women got so cold in winter!

Seriously, I still can’t get over how seeing with my own eyes has a quality to it completely missing from vision corrected with contact lenses, not to mention glasses. I am still trying to describe it–almost like an expanded peripheral vision, but that’s not all of it. I think it’s the absence of, when wearing glasses, the near-constant and almost unconscious repositioning of my head to align the lenses’ sweet spot; and when wearing contacts, the need to blink and make minute muscle contractions in one eye or the other fairly often to get the most precise focus. That’s all gone now. And I can just stand here and… see! Whatever I want! Just by looking at it! Effortlessly!

I could go on, but there’s so much to see. In fact, look, a squirrel!

…actually it’s skunk in my backyard that appears to be bring raped by another skunk, but I just can’t stop watching. I mean, have you ever really looked at a skunk’s pelt? So much detail….

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2 Responses to IntraLasik FTW

  1. Paul B says:

    Since the side effects are blindness and I am down to one orb I will stay away from Lasik. But I am glad it worked for you.

    I have noticed that relations between the sexes in other species includes a level of violence not allowed in our relations.

  2. Wolf says:

    Blindness was my fear as well; you really do need to research and meet the surgeon to get comfy with the idea.

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