Win – Win!

The media and the left, but I repeat myself, has looked at the 2013 legislative record of 113th Congress and is dismayed

It’s not quite a “do nothing” Congress – but it’s not far off.

With only a handful of remaining legislative days on their calendar, this current Congress is on track to go down as one of the most unproductive in modern history.

The paltry number of bills Congress has passed into law this year paints a vivid picture of just how bad the gridlock has been for lawmakers, whose single-digit approval rating illustrates that the public is hardly satisfied with their trickle of legislative activity.

According to THOMAS, the legislative tracking service, this Congress has passed just 52 public laws since it gaveled into session in January.

More! More! More!

I mean, Less! Less! Less!

Don’t these fools know that one of the few times your paycheck is safe is when Congress is not in session?

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2 Responses to Win – Win!

  1. topofthechain says:

    Not passing a budget, that’s 52 too many.

  2. Phssthpok says:

    I fully support ‘cap and trade’ (for) legislation.

    Establish a ‘hard cap’ on the number of public laws allowed to be in existence ( I propose a number roughly 1/3 to 1/2 of what we have now), and a requirement that for every ‘new’ law congress wants to enact, they must repeal a minimum of two existing laws until such time as the ‘hard cap’ is reached, at which point they would be allowed a 1-1 parity of enacted/repealed laws.

    I would also like to see a requirement that every law be read into the record (in it’s entirety), live (no pre-recorded readings allowed), on the floor *BY THE AUTHOR* with a one hour speaking time limit, before any debate is even opened. If debate continues for more than one day, then the reading must be repeated on each subsequent day of debate (so as to keep the text of what’s being debated ‘fresh’ in their minds).

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