Veterinary Insurance for All

It’s basically catastrophic insurance, and we dealt with it very often during Alaska’s and Kaya’s lives, and reading this reminded me of the way it worked: every time you needed something done you would get a very detailed cost estimate in advance and commit to paying. Even in emergency situations. VCA could generate cost sheets in about ten seconds while the doc was explaining the options, believe you me. No reason that couldn’t happen in human emergency rooms, too.

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One Response to Veterinary Insurance for All

  1. Rolf says:

    There are a LOT of reasons. But the fact is that none of them are technical, they are all psychological / political. IMHO, the only reform needed in the insurance market is that all prices paid or billed, and for any large provider the typical outcomes, must be up front and easily found and compared. An informed consumer base will then be ABLE to shop around, and prices will fall while service gets better. A market will strong up consolidating this data, and for a small fee you can easily see (for example) what hospital has the best price/outcome ratio for you, where you can get tests done for the cheapest, and all the rest. No massive government intrusion required.

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