Last Minute Kids’ Gift Guide

These books are awesome, and will be a delight for a broad age range, too. Read ‘em to your toddler, and he will devour them on his own by grade school, and still be rereading them from time to time as a teen. Plus a chess bonus:

Journey: Harold and the Purple Crayon meets steampunk David Macaulay. Just magical.

Mr. Wuffles: all the advances in graphic design, layout, artwork and print quality in comics over the last two decades transform a kid’s picture tale into something…well, you’ll just have to see.

Locomotive: Richard Scarry meets Al Williamson. I defy you, even as an adult, not to be hooked on trains after reading this book.

And, for a kid who likes chess:

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  1. Lergnom says:

    My wife’s cousin gives out copies of “The Gashly Crumb Tinies” by Edward Gore. Parents freak out but the kids love it.

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