Going Galt

That is exactly what this is, even if Ayn Rand might have looked at it askance.

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2 Responses to Going Galt

  1. Phssthpok says:

    I’m not so sure she’d look askance.

    Remember, in Atlas Shrugged, even Taggart and Rearden engage in their ‘love affair’ not to please the other person, but because it pleases themselves *to* please the other person. Their ‘reward’ is their own internal ‘warm fuzzy’ they get from seeing the other person happy.

    Remove the reward (make it an undesireable, lopsided exchange) and you remove the incentive.

  2. Armageddon Rex says:

    I don’t believe it’s an example of going galt so much as the boomers eating the seed corn. They used up the societal design margin implementing 2nd generation feminist ideas. There was less and less crop to harvest with each generation as the seed corn continued to be consumed at an ever increasing rate. Now we’ve come to a crisis. The implementation of ‘have you cake and eat it too’ ideas of 2nd generation feminists and all other “progressives” have hit the wall! Europe enjoyed their little socialist utopia for decades under the umbrella of US military might. Starting in the mid 1960s and onward to today our society has been eating the seed corn, a bit more with each season. Nibbling away at the design margin of the most successful, most enlightened society the world has ever known. Now, we’re hammering the last few nails in our coffin with ObamaCare. We’re done. Stick a fork in us! Like the Western Roman empire, we’ll stumble along until the barbarians come along. Who woulda thunk, Ussama Bin Ladin would be remembered with Alaric and Totila.

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