If you aren’t a fan of having your movements tracked

I’d stay away from downtown Seattle.

The Stranger, one of Seattle’s alt-weeklies, ran a story a couple weeks back about these devices appearing on utility poles around town


These are antennae for mobile phone networks. As the story says, if you are walking around looking for a wi-fi connection, your phone will tell you that the network @ 4th & University is in the area, but secure.

These were paid for by Homeland Security and are run by the SPD. So The Stranger went to the SPD and asked them some questions about the contraptions.

The SPD refused to answer any of those questions, or any questions whatsoever. Just as they refused to answer any questions about the drone project they wanted to start up a couple months back.

The folks who are fine with electing a capital “S” socialist to their City Council are feeling more than slightly uneasy about these devices. For me, it is nice to see their personal choices of urban life and iWhatever addiction coming in to bite them on their ass.

Personally, I hope someone of my political leaning hacks the SPD system, boosts the signal power and puts the Church of Latter Day Saints main page as the only webpage that can be accessed when a smartphone is within range of an antenna.

But that is just my mischievous side coming out.

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