Can we call them co-conspirators now?

Slate has been compiling a tally of “gun deaths” which happened since the Newtown murders. As the one year anniversary gets closer, and in a blatant attempt to publicize their counting, they are now asking for help from their readership.

Not the from the CDC, not from state medical examiner/surgeon general offices, but from their readership. They are asking for readership to send them, wait for it, news articles. In a twist straight out of Orwell’s mind, they are also asking their readers to categorize the cause of death as

murder, suicide, accident, shot by law enforcement, shot by civilian in self-defense, or other/unclear

Even if I didn’t mention that the vast majority of Slate readers would likely classify George Zimmerman’s act of self-defense as “murder” instead of “shot by civilian in self-defense”, I think you can see where this is heading.

And you have also likely guessed that the gun bigots will use this list of sorts as “definitive evidence” that private individuals don’t need guns because “they don’t use them in self-defense hardly ever”.

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One Response to Can we call them co-conspirators now?

  1. AMB says:

    *Sigh* For the “reality-based community” that they’re supposed to represent, they have a stunningly poor grasp of empirical reasoning.

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