Oh how cute! They have a manifesto.

If you are catching a distinct whiff of patchouli as late it is because tomorrow marks the second birthday of the “Occupy Movement” (aka: The Free Shit Army).

And like growing toddlers, the Occupiers are learning to read and write.

On September 17, 2013, the second anniversary of the beginning of the Occupy Movement, tens of thousands will come together across the country and the world to honor the most important and influential social movement in generations. As we exchange stories about the past and ideas for the future, we will be opposing a number of the 1%’s toxic attempts to siphon even more of our money and power away from us. The Trans Pacific Partnership “free trade” agreement, the undue influence of money in politics, and the lack of accountability in the global financial sector will be just a few of our targets. But, as we attack these symptoms it is necessary that we remember the disease: capitalism.

If they can measure an honest ten thousand people they should count themselves lucky. Being broke and whiny just isn’t as hip as it was two years ago.

The people who cannot distinguish capitalism from government sponsored corporatism now demand that the system which builds the world be taken down to be replaced with………. well, they’ll get back to you on that.

Remember that this “movement” started as a protest about the lack of available jobs for over-educated though uniquely unqualified twenty-somethings with five and six figure debt burdens.


Now it has been fully assimilated by the hardest of the hardcore communists. When you hear that the Occupy Movement has splintered, do not be fooled. They have not done that so much as the various rent seekers have claimed their territory and they are all attempting to use the “Occupy” brand to garner more money and power.

For the next couple days you will need to pinch your nose off with one hand and fly the bird with the other. But be careful which hand you use for each task. These idiots are known to break and burn shit and you may need to draw your pistol to get out of their way.

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2 Responses to Oh how cute! They have a manifesto.

  1. Rivrdog says:

    Here in Stumpberg am Willamette, the Movement was co-opted by hard-core hackers operating under their usual aegis. The demonstrations are staged, when they have one, rarely now, by the Black Bloc.

    The Movement’s public support is lower than Congress’.

    Speaking of patchoulli, did the Burning Man get torched early again this year?

  2. NotClauswitz says:

    The Dictatorship of the Un-proletariat! Splintering is what religious groups also do whenever they meet up with disagreement(s), as they say :”Two Baptists is a Church, but three Baptists are a liturgical splinter-division of heretics and theological unbelievers destined for a fiery hell…”
    The only way these over-”educated” morons would ever succeed is to get Gov. jobs at NPR and other subsidy-based employment schemes.

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