You’re Misunderstanding Them

They love you and want to give you free healthcare.

Until you become too expensive to the “public resource” coffers. Then you should just go and let them kill you.

Welcome to Oregon. Coming soon the rest of the nation.

Liberal states often preview health-care central planning before the same regulations go national, which ought to make an Oregon cost-control commission especially scary. On Thursday a state board could change Oregon’s Medicaid program to deny costly care to poor patients who need it most.

Like most such panels, including the Affordable Care Act’s Independent Payment Advisory Board, the Oregon Health Evidence Review Commission, or HERC, claims to be merely concerned with what supposedly works and what doesn’t. Their real targets are usually advanced, costly treatments. That’s why HERC, for example, proposed in May that Medicaid should not cover “treatment with intent to prolong survival” for cancer patients who likely have fewer than two years left to live. HERC presents an example to show their reasoning for such a decision: “In no instance can it be justified to spend $100,000 in public resources to increase an individual’s expected survival by three months when hundreds of thousands of Oregonians are without any form of health insurance.”

As the linked article points out, the State of Oregon WILL, however, pay for the chemicals to let you off yourself.

Personally, I am of the thinking that a person should be allowed to end their own suffering and “pull their own plug”, so to speak, if that is what they want. But I understand that not everyone believes that. So while I think that self-euthanasia should be an option, it should not be the ONLY option.

But it happened, and now it is time to tell folks about it.

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2 Responses to You’re Misunderstanding Them

  1. Paul B says:

    I used to work in a state level DHS unit and we had a couple of people whom the state had spent more than 5 million dollars on in care. This was 10 years ago and they were not dead yet. They were in jail, but not dead.

    The health care crisis is neither a crisis or caused by health care.

  2. Sulaco says:

    You have to wonder just what someone in that position, three months to live, would do since he/she has nothing to loose and everything to gain by personally taking up the issue with the person(s) on the board that made the decision to let them die. Opening on the boards would most likely follow close at hand.

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