Still not going on the cart

Hey all, look, my login still works! ¬†ūüôā

No, I’m not dead, not even close. ¬†Just got the new baby and all, plus getting ready to move to a new position at work (I get bored eas…. OHHHH Shiny!).

Anyway, your future Benign Dictator of All Mankind is doing well, growing like a weed – 9 months old and already almost 22 lbs, and as tall as a lot of older kids. ¬†If he is anything like his maternal uncles, he is gonna be a bruiser (my wife’s uncles are big guys). ¬†Crawling all over the place, pulling himself up to anything he can get a grip on, and then letting go to see how long he can stand free. ¬†Doesn’t want us to feed him, because Damnit!, he figured out the pincer grasp & he can feed himself. ¬†Just pile the food in front of him and let the dog in for clean-up duty (dog is gonna get fat….).

Cute as shit too, with a smile that just charms the pants off of every woman he sees.  Which can be problematic, because really, some women need to keep their pants on Рno one wants to see that.

Anyway, just wanted to pipe up, announce my continued¬†existence, and probably disappear again for another 6 months. ¬†One of these days things will settle down & I’ll contribute content again. ¬†Hopefully before he leaves for college.

PS – Adam Smith, Member of Congress from WA, is an idiot (I just got his letter in response to my “you vote no on the AWB, or I vote no on you” email – he’s not a bright one).

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2 Responses to Still not going on the cart

  1. Mollbot says:

    Good to see you, M.R.S. I received responses from three politicians to my Gun Rights emails last month. Two were from Senators Murray and Cantwell, and said approximately what I expected them to say. The other was from State Rep. (38) Mike Sells, and his was a much shorter version of what the dimwit Senator twins said.

    Still considering Idaho…

  2. Phil says:

    You’re welcome any time you wish to stop in, MadRock. And congratulations again.

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