Still not going on the cart

Hey all, look, my login still works!  :-)

No, I’m not dead, not even close.  Just got the new baby and all, plus getting ready to move to a new position at work (I get bored eas…. OHHHH Shiny!).

Anyway, your future Benign Dictator of All Mankind is doing well, growing like a weed – 9 months old and already almost 22 lbs, and as tall as a lot of older kids.  If he is anything like his maternal uncles, he is gonna be a bruiser (my wife’s uncles are big guys).  Crawling all over the place, pulling himself up to anything he can get a grip on, and then letting go to see how long he can stand free.  Doesn’t want us to feed him, because Damnit!, he figured out the pincer grasp & he can feed himself.  Just pile the food in front of him and let the dog in for clean-up duty (dog is gonna get fat….).

Cute as shit too, with a smile that just charms the pants off of every woman he sees.  Which can be problematic, because really, some women need to keep their pants on – no one wants to see that.

Anyway, just wanted to pipe up, announce my continued existence, and probably disappear again for another 6 months.  One of these days things will settle down & I’ll contribute content again.  Hopefully before he leaves for college.

PS – Adam Smith, Member of Congress from WA, is an idiot (I just got his letter in response to my “you vote no on the AWB, or I vote no on you” email – he’s not a bright one).

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2 Responses to Still not going on the cart

  1. Mollbot says:

    Good to see you, M.R.S. I received responses from three politicians to my Gun Rights emails last month. Two were from Senators Murray and Cantwell, and said approximately what I expected them to say. The other was from State Rep. (38) Mike Sells, and his was a much shorter version of what the dimwit Senator twins said.

    Still considering Idaho…

  2. Phil says:

    You’re welcome any time you wish to stop in, MadRock. And congratulations again.

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