Results Can Be Interpreted Different Ways

This fellow thinks that what the Dorner experiment proved is that the 2nd Amendment is useless against tyranny. Uh huh.

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4 Responses to Results Can Be Interpreted Different Ways

  1. AH HA HA HA HA!

    One guy. ONE brought an entire region to chaos and had cops shooting old Hispanic ladies delivering papers.

    And he was crazy.


  2. Bram says:

    Back before we had firearms, one guy with a sword could bring down a government no problem.

  3. Mollbot says:

    Heck, more than once, really persuasive guys talked peasants with pitchforks into bringing down governments.

  4. Toastrider says:

    Hell, I’d view it more as ‘one whackjob amateur tied up the LAPD for a week’. Review the DC sniper, too.

    Now imagine if these actions are being carried out not by loons or thugs, but motivated, intelligent personnel. Like, oh, fifty Green Berets. Pretty certain I could find 50 GBs after that infamous 1100-name petition telling off the feds for pushing gun control.

    Brace for impact.

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