Pseudoscience Repeating

I can flatly state that every single regular visitor is suffering from a mental illness called Drapetomania.

Drapetomania is suffered by those who have an aversion to being slaves.

In the early 1850’s an American Physician coined this term to describe the mental state of runaway slaves and those who attempted to run away. Is was and still is a prime example of pseudopsycology, but start claiming to your friends and loved ones that you believe you might need therapy for your Drapetomania affliction and watch them become concerned.

Hell, it sounds so “official” you could probably get a day or two off from work to go to therapy.

By the way, “therapy” consists of hours and hours of range time. I doubt your healthcare insurance will cover it, but with ammo costs these days, it may be worth a try.

Especially since the universities are taking people like Sarah O. Conly quite seriously:

Against Autonomy: Justifying Coercive Paternalism

Against Autonomy is a defense of paternalistic laws; that is, laws that make you do things, or prevent you from doing things, for your own good. I argue that autonomy, or the freedom to act in accordance with your own decisions, is overrated—that the common high evaluation of the importance of autonomy is based on a belief that we are much more rational than we actually are. We now have lots of evidence from psychology and behavioral economics that we are often very bad at choosing effective means to our ends. In such cases, we need the help of others—and in particular, of government regulation—to keep us from going wrong.

My decisions are overrated because they differ from hers.

I’m going to need lots of therapy to recover from that paragraph.

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6 Responses to Pseudoscience Repeating

  1. MichigammeDave says:

    Makes sense to me. They’ve spent the last 50 years or so fixing the educational system so that our citizenry are no longer capable of making rational decisions – or electing people who will make correct decisions on their behalf. The next step is to take advantage of this condition to install more government regulation and oversight “for our own good.”
    Shame, really. If they were to put this level of expertise and effort into doing the right thing, we’d have national debt.

  2. MichigammeDave says:

    I don’t know what happened there – the rest of that was intended to read:
    …we’d have less than 5% unemployment, and GDP greater than the national debt.

  3. So when she refuses to put out and cry rape… Maybe she was being irrational for not wanting to mate with her rapist. Obviously she thinks her ability to make her own decisions is overrated so she need not choose who decide who can and cannot use her as particular kind of dumpster.

    Someone is obviously better at making those decisions than she is for herself.

  4. Mollbot says:

    Funny how certain groups seem quite taken with a paternalistic government as long as their guys run it. As soon as someone else is in charge, Katie bar the door! It would be nice if they would see that government run in that style in the end enslaves everyone, opponents and supporters alike.

  5. I concur 100% on the range time. It’s a cure-all haha.

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