Careless of the Consequences

Will likely blame the Republicans

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  1. Rivrdog says:

    I’m uncovering a fraudulent sale of a Medicare supplement policy to my wife. I’ll be reporting on it via my blog, but the policy was sold as a common supplement. Instead, it is a “foot in the door” contract which, under Obamacare rules, allows this local company to “manage” her Medicare, to the extent that they have refused to accept my retired military insurance, TriCare For Life. Since TFL pays everything that Medicare doesn’t, and the supplement maybe pays 25% of the remainder after Medicare, this sucks, especially si ce my wife now faces some $$$ surgery.

    We both specifically asked the seller if their supplement would interfere with TriCare payments, and they stated that it would not. They lied.

    I’m going to enlist the Veteran’s Administration to help me, and maybe some veteran’s groups.

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