New Year, New Tunage

For the last six weeks of 2012, the Drum and Bass electronic music group, Rudimental, were kicking my ass regularly. You can buy their tracks here, and I suggest checking out some of the remixes as well (especially the Gorgon City mix \m/).

If you ever wondered how well electronic music could be pulled off in a live setting, let your worries cease here. And yes, I got a little Rick Astley flashback wondering how that voice comes out of that guy.

I would like to hope that “Not Giving In” is what the pro-civil rights members of Congress do when it comes time to vote against bills such the one Senator Feinstein has at the ready.

They have released another couple of other tracks which are also quite tasty.

Feel the Love has some “Urban Cowboy” action going on

And while Speeding might be more House than Drum & Bass, it loses nothing in the way of groove.

Enjoy and I’ll see you all tomorrow.

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