I wonder what the colors are like

In Froma Harrop’s world?

Of course, she had to screed in her column this week. I was expecting it.

But she only succeeded in showing the rest of the real world that she lives nowhere near the rest of us by completely throwing away the idea that there was a mental health aspect to the crime and that there is anything that can be done about mental health issues involving firearms in the future.

Her closing line, however, is priceless

Short of arming grade-school librarians, the only sane way to curb the mass killings would be to cut off the flow of mass-killing machines. That’s being “realistic.”

Not on this planet, Ms. Harrop. That is banning an inanimate object because you and your cohorts believe that it can control a person.

That is insane.

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3 Responses to I wonder what the colors are like

  1. Rivrdog says:

    Wasn’t there an evil Klingon warrior-princess named Froma Harrop on Star Trek? This one obviously came from the future to subjugate the human race. Ignore her unless her battle cruiser lands, un-cloaked, at Boeing Field.

  2. Chris says:

    How about we talk about arming librarians instead of creating victim disarmament zones.

  3. Mollbot says:

    I work right across the street from Boeing Field. If we see any battle cruisers or birds-of-prey I’ll let you know.

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