Happy Christmas Eve

Some of us here at RNS have lost one or more dear to us this year; some have welcomed new bundles of joy into our lives and hearts. I commend to you Winston Churchill’s words from the White House to America in the dark days of December, 1941. Even when all hope seems lost, the Christmas celebration is essential to our spirits and our humanity. My 94-year-old grandmother, the scion of our family, suffered a debilitating stroke last night, yet from her hospital bed she insisted –nay, commanded — that we gather to celebrate in her absence.

Even we atheists and agnostics can appreciate, celebrate and partake in the meaning of the season with our own sacred rituals: After Aberlour Abunad’h, Ardbeg Ugueidail, and a pipe of my late grandfather’s Amphora Full Aroma tobacco to set the mood, the wife and I here at RNS Cali move to Glenfarclas, a true Christmas spirit. May you find equal comfort wherever you are, and whatever befalls you.

All the best this Christmas Eve from we at Random Nuclear Strikes to you.

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  1. mark says:

    prefer lagavulin. but good taste any way.

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