Much Want!!!1!

Via Uncle I made my way over to Caleb’s where I saw a creation which makes me wish I had $1500 to blow on a shotgun. Specifically, the Chiappa Triple Threat shotgun, or as I have affectionately labeled it “The Up/Down/Left/Right Trifecta of Doom”.

I am tempering my want by hoping that this may just be an offshoot of my upcoming project of Zombocalypse-ing my Marlin 444 lever action into sort of a Guide Gun but with much better sights.

Going from this

To this


Or maybe even shorter (I would like to lop it all the way down to 16.5 inches, but I don’t want to completely obliterate the ballistics). Think “Truck Gun”, both in that it would be easy to swing around in the cab of a truck and in that it can stop a truck.

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5 Responses to Much Want!!!1!

  1. Davidwhitewolf says:

    Trade in the Marlin for a BLR in .308 or .358 and the ballistics will still punch through tree stumps from a lopped barrel….

  2. Rivrdog says:

    Sorry, Counselor. My advice is to stay with .444. You can load that caliber up to where it
    will not only stop that truck, it will knock it over. Think hardcast boolits of 350+-gr. Other benny: you can load a 2″ .410 for emergency scattergunning.

  3. dustydog says:

    Just needs rails for a laser

  4. Mollbot says:

    I have nothing against lasers per se… but a laser on such a gun would seem at least mildly blasphemous to me. Man I love shooting my Marlin lever gun… I wish it was in a slightly less expensive caliber.

  5. Sulaco says:

    Admit to having the same thoughts about my Marlin .450 but think I will wait for a version in .45-70.

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