It’s been a week since Hurricane Sandy and some parts of NYC still have no power, or food, or even water.

Sounds kind of like NOLA after Hurricane Katrina. But, according to the media, unlike during Katrina, it is in no way the fault of The Lightbringer. And in reality, it really isn’t. Just like the problems facing the responders during Katrina were in no way the fault of Bush. However, it has been fun to point out the change in the media’s attitude to Obama supporters.

But I’m done having fun after seeing this video.

Bloomberg goes out to Rockaway for a photo op and gets confronted by some locals wondering why they haven’t seen any power crews, or any food/water distribution trucks come their way. He and his handlers brush them off and at around the 00:30 mark a woman rushes up to ask “When are we gonna get some fucking help?”. After she and other residents start speaking about the reality of their current lives, he turns, walks away and smirks while his handlers physically take the residents away from Bloomberg and the media.

And yet the story line is that this is still that Romney would cut FEMA and that Bloomberg and the Democrats are moving heaven and Earth to get people free shit.

Of course, they leave out that these people should have stocked up on this free shit months and/or years ago.

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  1. Rolf says:

    The guy at the very end sounds like a plant – loudly, and with great audio, says how good the Bloomie is doing, after several others say (with bad audio) how bad a job he’s doing.

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