The Answer is Qui

In the ongoing war the left has on the freedom of speech they don’t approve of or makes them look bad, John Aravosis’ hyper-leftist AmericaBlog and it’s “Deputy Editor” Chris Ryan asks this question about the French weekly paper, Charlie Hebdo, and their latest “Draw Mohammad” cartoons:

“Just because they can legally print it, should they?”

The answer to that question is: Oui.

If they are able to print it, willing to print it and accept the backlash/criticism, then yes. If they are not committed to doing those things, that is where the gray area might start. However, the last go-round with the Islamists got the Charlie Hebdo offices firebombed, so I’m pretty sure they know what they’re getting themselves into.

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2 Responses to The Answer is Qui

  1. jetfxr69 says:

    The comments over there are nearly 100% in agreement with you/us.

    It’s kinda nice to see folks in the “left-of-center coalition” who are willing to say “You have no right to prevent me from offending you.”

  2. dfwmtx says:

    The pro-censorship folks are saying that this isn’t free speech, but incitement to violence, akin to the KKK saying, “Let’s go out and kill them ni-“. Seems like the same logic as “don’t say anything to offend the abusive parent so he doesn’t beat us” to me.

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