Navel Gazing in the First Degree

I love watching The West Wing. Call me whatever name you like, it won’t change my mind. I own the box set.

So when the Huff-a-ton Post linked to this campaign commercial from the Michigan state Supreme Court race, I had to watch it.

Btw, you Michiganders, watch that ad and make sure to NOT vote for that person. The buzzwords in the ad put her to the left of Obama.

Anyway, I don’t like watching vids at high-end sites like HP, so I bopped on over to The Tube to view it. Whilst guffawing at the ad, I gazed upon the sidebar vids and found this video from the Chicago Institute for Western Civilization:

You can tell a hardcore, professional navel gazer from a novice because the novice will not come up with their own “problem” to spend 45 minutes “solving”.

Take some time this weekend and see how quickly you can solve their question. It won’t take long.

Btw, I bought my WW boxed set used, so don’t go accusing me of funding Sorkin’s latest drug binge.

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One Response to Navel Gazing in the First Degree

  1. Chris says:

    I too love WW.

    I’d vote Bartlett for America over 0 anyway.

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